Trumpet Studio

The Trumpet Studio at The University of Southern Mississippi is comprised of students who are energetic and dedicated to achieving success. Our goal is to become a studio of not only great trumpet players, but also great people. We seek a team atmosphere that fosters growth and success. Our students are fortunate to have many performing experiences at Southern Miss. Students can participate in the University Bands, Southern Miss Symphony Orchestra, The Pride of Mississippi Marching Band, Jazz Lab Bands, Chamber Music Ensembles and Trumpet Ensembles, including our nationally-recognized Advanced Trumpet Ensemble. With these varied performing groups, our students can become proficient in a vast number of performing genres. We also host an annual TrumpetFestival which features world-renowned quest artists–most recently John Daversa (international jazz artist) and Mark Clodfelter (international soloist)and invites participants from the entire region to participate. 


 Timothy J. Tesh

Timothy J. Tesh

Phone: (601)-266-6937



  • Advanced Trumpet Ensemble
  • Southern Miss Trumpet Ensemble
  • Brass Quintets



Andrew Kennedy
Doctoral candidate

  • Semi-finalist, National Trumpet Competition Graduate Solo Division, 2017

Kevin Mulleno
Undergraduate Music Education Major’17

  • Assistant Director of Bands at Warren Central High School, Vicksburg, MS

Cristian Escobaro
Undergraduate Music Education Major’17

  • Teaching Artist at Miami Music Project, Miami, FL
  • Primary Teacher at the Cushman School, Miami, FL

Marie Burgeso
Undergraduate Music Education Major, ‘17

  • Former Director of Bands at West Miami Middle School, Miami, FL
  • Director of Bands at Horace Mann Middle School, Miami, FL


Upcoming Events

  • February 12, 2019 
    U.S. Army Brass Quintet in Concert

  • February 14, 2019 
    Presidio Brass in Concert

  • April 6, 2019 
    Southern Miss Trumpet Festival