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We support our partners with at-sea testing and evaluation by wiring the Gulf of Mexico with Coastal CUBEnet, a relocatable environmental and oceanographic tool critical for testing and performance evaluation of uncrewed maritime systems (UMS). As a result, our partners can demonstrate, test, and refine their technology in an area with a broad range of oceanographic, acoustic propagation, and environmental variabilities. The capability to create a four-dimensional ocean cube supports a comprehensive understanding and predictive modeling of the surface and subsurface environments in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

We perform or support on-water testing for NOAA, USACE, USCG, NRL, CNMOC, NAVOCEANOO, and over a dozen UMS, buoy, and aquaculture industry partners. Our testing team includes talented data scientists allowing OE to provide highly technical data exploration, analysis, and modeling for our partners, providing data-driven insights around platforms, sensors, and environmental information. 

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Retrieving Data from Coastal CUBEnet

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