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Online Compliance Education

Don’t forget to complete your online compliance education: all students and benefit eligible faculty, staff, adjunct and affiliates are required to complete the education.  Although completion meets the obligations we have pursuant to several Federal regulation, our overriding goal is to ensure that our campus is a safe place and conducive to academic success.   To complete the courses, go to the compliance website ( and click on the Training Portal icon.  Email with questions.


Tuesday, May 2 - Tuesday night class examinations

Wednesday, May 3 - Wednesday night class examinations

Thursday, May 4 - Thursday night class examinations

Friday, May 5 - Last day of full term and second half-semester (8W2) classes

Monday, May 8 - Monday night class examinations

Monday - Thursday, May 8-11 - Full-term and (8W2) final exams


Spring 2017 Calendar



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