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Undergraduate students who leave The University of Southern Mississippi without completing their degree and who wish to return with a ‘clean slate’ may apply for grade forgiveness under the Academic Restart policy. In order to qualify, the student must be out of school for at least 24 consecutive months (two full academic years) and have not taken classes at The University of Southern Mississippi or any other institution of higher education during that time. Grade forgiveness does not remove courses from the student’s transcript, but excludes those grades earned prior to returning to USM from use in calculating the student’s USM cumulative grade point average.

Students who opt for grade forgiveness will have all previous credits earned at USM voided; no classes are exempt. The transcript will be marked to indicate the grades and semesters covered under the Academic Restart policy and students will have to retake any classes they passed that are necessary to meet general education and major requirements for degree completion. Grade repeat opportunities for courses taken after the restart will be available to the student for future use based on the institution’s current grade repeat policy.  Petition may be found at:

Current students may update their address through their SOAR account through My Profile>Addresses.

Former students/Alumni may submit the following form:

 Undergraduate students may repeat a course to improve their grade. When a class is repeated, the lower grade remains on the transcript but is marked as “Repeated” and is not used to calculate the student’s grade point average. Students are allowed to take up to twelve (12) credit hours of repeated coursework during their undergraduate career. Students may only repeat a course by taking the same course and cannot take a course at another institution to replace a grade earned at The University of Southern Mississippi. Once a course grade is marked as “Repeated”, it becomes part of the official academic record and cannot be reassigned to another course. Students have used one of their opportunities to repeat a class and cannot reassign that repeat opportunity later in their academic career. Repeats cannot be used retroactively after a degree is conferred and the student’s completed grade point average is archived and graduating class closed. Complete form at:

Your legal name, also referred to as your primary name, is required for select business processes, including federal and state reporting, administering financial aid and processing international student statuses.  Legal name appears on official University documents such as transcripts and diplomas.  To change a legal name complete the following form along with documentation:

Students who miss the deadline to withdraw from a course with a W grade may complete an appeal petition within one year at: to Drop a Course with a W After the Deadline

Students that miss the deadline to withdrawal from a course may complete a petition within one year at: 

Your SSN is required for select business processes, including federal and state reporting, administering financial aid, issuing tuition statements for tax purposes and verifying your Selective Service registration, among other things. To update your SSN a copy of your card with legal name must be submitted to University Registrar’s Office in room 110 Kennard-Washington Hall.


To obtain Enrollment Verification, students can submit a request via their SOAR account. Alumni and former students are encouraged to contact the National Student Clearinghouse for this information. Please refer to the link below for guidance on submitting a verification request.

For those not using the Parent Portal, the Registrar's Office provides student record permission through the following form:

Students who do not properly drop or withdraw are reported as enrolled to the Department of Education. To verify and obtain a letter of non-attendance, the following page must be completed: :

Parents/Guardians/Third Parties may obtain permission to access a student's SOAR account by following the attached instructions: :

Replacement diplomas can be ordered through Parchment at the following site:

For complete information on how to request official transcripts, please visit:

Please note that the Registrar's Office and Parchment only produce official transcripts and do not provide unofficial transcripts.


This form is intended for completing the Academic Improvement Plan (AIP), which is a required component of the petition to clear an academic standing hold.

Detailed information found at:

Note: This form, with appropriate documentation and signatures, must be delivered to the Provost’s Office (KWH 200) within 30 business days of the beginning of the semester subsequent to the one in which the grade was awarded, or 120 calendar days after the issuance of spring semester grades, should the student not be enrolled during the summer term. Fully online students should email for further instructions.  Form can be found at:

The process to clear a student's Academic Probation Continued hold can be found at:

Detailed academic clearance information found at:

Changes to graduation information for students who have submitted a degree application can be found at:

A Listener's License allows individuals to request permission from the instructor to listen in on their course. The person is not officially enrolled in the course, and no credit is awarded. Further details and fees, along with the required form can be found at:

On rare occasions, academic performance is severely affected by an adverse emotional or personal tragedy beyond the control of the student. If a timely withdrawal was impossible or overlooked, a procedure known as administrative withdrawal (AW) may be an option. This policy does not apply to situations where students stopped going to classes or simply performed poorly. Administrative withdrawal is specifically intended for students who were negatively affected by some extenuating, documentable circumstances that were beyond their control (e.g. the death of an immediate family member, a severe illness or incapacitation, a debilitating accident). This policy does not apply to other situations when a student simply took on more work than he or she could handle or performed below expectations.

Administrative Withdrawal requirements and form found at:

For students who wish to attend another institution and transfer credits to USM, the following form must be completed:

Follow these detailed instructions to withdraw from the University using your student's SOAR account. Depending on the withdrawal date and reason, you may need to repay financial aid and Title IV federal funds:

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