FAQs Enrollment Information

1. What is an enrollment appointment?
  • Students are assigned an enrollment appointment window each semester for pre-registration.  Enrollment appointments are assigned based on the following rank:  Classification, Units Earned, USM grade point average.
  • Enrollment appointment windows (timeframes) are shown on the students SOAR self service page
2. What does it mean that I am not eligible to enroll at this time?
  • Students who receive this message are attempting to pre-register prior to their enrollment appointment window.  The enrollment appointment window is shown on SOAR in the blue boxes on the right within Self Service.
3. If I withdraw one semester, will I need to reapply to the University?
  • Students who withdraw will only need to reapply to the University IF they have remained out of school for a complete fall and/or spring semester
  • Students wanting to withdraw must submit the request via their SOAR student center under My classes > drop > Drop All Classes link. Students will be contacted by various USM faculty and/or staff members to discuss issues surrounding the withdrawal and any other alternatives.
4. How do I get readmitted?
5. What are the maximum hours that I can take in a term?
  • Unless given a restriction due to admission policy, students are allowed to take a maximum of 19 hours (fall/spring) or 14 hours (summer) without special permission.
  • Students wanting to take more than the maximum hours allowed may request an overload from their academic department.
  • Graduate students must receive permission for an overload of hours from the Graduate School.
6. How can I get an Enrollment Verification (proof of enrollment)?
  • Students who need proof of enrollment may request an enrollment verification via their SOAR self service page or by contacting the Enrollment Verification Specialist in the Registrar’s Office in Kennard-Washington Hall, room 110.  The SOAR page will redirect students to the National Student Clearinghouse website that contains term enrollment information.
7. What are course fees?
  • Course fees are additional fees associated with the individual class or delivery method.  These fees are in addition to the general tuition fees and may or may not be covered by some scholarships or aid.
  • Examples of courses fees could include labs, online delivery, mini session, etc.