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  • On rare occasions, academic performance is severely affected by some emotional or personal tragedy beyond the control of the student. If a timely withdrawal was impossible or overlooked, a procedure known as administrative withdrawal (AW) may be an option.
  • Administrative withdrawal is specifically intended for students who were negatively affected by some extenuating circumstance that was beyond their control (e.g. Death of an immediate family member, a severe illness or incapacitation, a debilitating accident).
  • The Administrative Withdrawal process starts with providing documentation to the Dean of Students Office, in RC Cook Union, room 220.
  • Students are expected to attend class each time the class meets. When it is necessary that a student be absent from a class, it is a student’s responsibility to provide an explanation to the professor.
  • A class attendance policy will be set by the professor who is expected to set a reasonable policy with respect to documented absences that are truly beyond the student’s control. It will be the responsibility of each professor to notify his or her class in writing at the onset of each semester as to the attendance requirements.
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy: The office of the Dean of Students reserves the right to notify the parents of students under the age of 21 who violate alcohol and other drug provisions of the student code of conduct, or who in our professional judgment are considered to be a danger to themselves or others.
  • Upon receipt of an alcohol or other drug violation by a student under the age of 21, the dean of students will staff the case and make a decision regarding parental notification based on the particular circumstances of the offense and the student’s history. Parents will be notified by letter or phone.
  • The right of each student to resolve grievances with the university is affirmed, and specific appeal procedures are hereby established to ensure timely and appropriate consideration of each grievance. Student grievances generally originate at the department level, and the resolution of the grievance is sought at the department level. (Page 32 of the New Student Survival Guide).
  • STUDENT GRIEVANCE PROCESS: Step 1: Department chair or director of nonacademic area Step 2: Dean or administrative official Step 3: A. Undergraduate students-vice president who calls a hearing B. Graduate students- Graduate Studies office calls a hearing Step 4: Vice president makes decision based on hearing Step 5: President.
  • •Withdrawal procedures: Students finding it necessary to withdraw from the university may begin the process via their SOAR student center with the “Drop ALL Courses” link. Within SOAR, they will view a series of panels that will explain the academic and financial impact in withdrawing from the university at that point in time.
  • After making the requests, the appropriate university personnel including their advisors, chairs and deans will review the requests and potentially discuss alternatives with the students.
  • Upon approval of the withdrawal and final processing, students will receive an e-mail giving instructions on how to return to Southern Miss. If students need further assistance in withdrawing, they should contact the Registrar’s Office.
  • Students with a Mississippi residency are charged in-state tuition and residency is determined initially at the application stage.
  • Mississippi residency is based upon federal guidelines.
  • Students who wish to appeal their residency status may file a Residency Appeal form in the Registrar’s Office in Kennard-Washington Hall, room 110.
  • Students with an active SOAR login and password will be allowed to change their address via their SOAR self service page.  Some restrictions do apply for certain addresses.  Review the address maintenance policy before making any address changes.
  • Some address changes could impact loss of scholarship, residency status, tuition changes, etc.

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