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Current students are required to see their advisor each semester. Advisement for spring classes takes place during the month of October. Advisement for summer and fall classes takes place during the month of March. to view your enrollment appointment, check the link below.

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 Graduate students must be enrolled in coursework by the 10th day of class each fall and spring semester.  It will be assumed graduate students who have not enrolled by the 10th day of class elected not to enroll, and they will be required to apply for readmission and responsible for all fees associated with readmission. This policy excludes eight week two (8W2) courses.  However, students who fail to enroll in 8W2 courses according to the standard fee schedule remain subject to late enrollment fees.  

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New undergraduate and graduate students: To be eligible to register, all new students must meet admission requirements set by the university and the Board of Trustees. All new undergraduate students attend a mandatory Preview (orientation) session sponsored by the Student Success Center. By attending one of the sessions, a new student receives an overview of university life, special academic testing if needed, and a better choice of courses. New undergraduate students register during Preview.

Reapplying Students: Former students wishing to re-enroll must apply and be accepted for readmission to be eligible for registration. Undergraduate students contact the Office of Admissions for additional information - (601) 266-5000; graduate students contact the Graduate Admissions office for additional information - (601) 266-5137.

Continuing students may preregister each semester at the designated time using SOAR. Enrollment appointment time can be obtained via their SOAR account.

Registration will continue after the close of the scheduled registration period for five class days. A $50 late registration fee will be charged to all students registering after the scheduled registration period.


Scheduler Planner is available in SOAR for both students and advisors to generate all the potential schedules for a successful registration.  Courses are selected, breaks can be applied, and with the generation button, all options available are provided for students to select the best option for a successful semester.

Advisors can access a student’s scheduler planner from either the Advisor Center, Advisee’s student center OR Campus Community, Student Services Center (Student).  Advisors can populate the student’s schedule planner during advisement and allow the student to select the specific class times that meets their needs.  Students can access the scheduler planner via their Student Center under Schedule Planner.  Once the schedule planner has generated the schedule, students have the ability to send the perfect schedule to their SOAR shopping cart to complete the registration process.  All of this process is available in Schedule Planner with 3 easy steps.  (Schedule Planner).

Easy tutorials are available on the Scheduler Planner home page in the top right corner for more detailed searches.