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Office of Research Administration

Funding Opportunities

For more information on funding sources, funding databases, publications, internet resources, internal competitions, funding databases, and training, please contact our Information%20Specialist.

Contractual Resources

InfoEd Global / SPIN

SPIN is a web-based, comprehensive grant-funding database, coupled with a worldwide database of scholar profiles to help you find collaborators and promote your own work. Updated daily, SPIN includes thousands of grant program announcements from around the world. The University subscribes to SPIN through our InfoEd Global proposal management program, and it is available for use by faculty, staff, and graduate students. To get started, access InfoEd Global, verify your profile, and click on SPIN on the home page. To hone your skills, we periodically offer hands-on InfoEd/SPIN training for faculty and staff, or you can request special arrangements for yourself or your department.

GRC GrantSearch

We also have a paid membership in the Grants Resource Center (GRC)*, a division of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU). GRC is a Washington, DC-based service that helps with federal and private sponsors, providing up-to-date funding information and individualized services through campus liaisons. GRC's GrantSearch is a user-friendly funding database arranged by academic discipline.

*You may need to log in the first time you access GRC's members-only features. When you navigate to the GRC home page, if you do not see "Welcome, University of Southern Mississippi" at the top of the page, click "Login." If there is still no welcome banner, please contact our Information%20Specialist for assistance. To use GRC member resources off campus, ask our Information Specialist for a password.

The Reporter

This monthly electronic newsletter features news about grant-funded research and other scholarly activities, as well as solicitations — from government, private, and corporate sources — for grant proposals, fellowships, scholarships, and awards, etc., compiled by the Grants Resource Center. Copyright restrictions limit access to The Reporter to USM faculty, staff, and students. When a new issue is available, The Reporter is emailed to a large list of faculty and staff. If you or someone in your area would like to receive The Reporter, please contact the Information%20Specialist to be added to the appropriate list(s). Back issues may be available upon request, as well.

The funding opportunities are organized in the following broad categories:

  • Arts / Humanities / International
  • Education / Human & Community Development
  • Health / Mental Health
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics ("STEM")

Internal Funding Opportunities

Please visit the University Research Council website to learn about URC's annual Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity Awards. The Office of the Vice President for Research offers the USM Proposal Development Grant Program and the USM Research Development Travel Program. Additionally, the Office of the Provost maintains several funding opportunities for faculty.