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Office of Research Administration

ORA Frequently Asked Questions

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What do all of these acronyms and jargon mean? — A lot of them are explained in our Glossary of Terms.

What is InfoEd Global? — our chosen software to support electronic Research Administration (eRA). The InfoEd Global suite of applications, services, and educational programs, is specifically designed for today's modern research institution. Learn more on the InfoEd Global webpage

Where can I log into InfoEd Global? — At

Who can assist me with using InfoEd Global? — You can contact the ORA administrator assigned to your department, if known, or email ora-pamFREEMississippi or
call 601-266-4119.

Where can I find funding program announcements and solicitations? — ORA’s Funding Opportunities page is a good place to start. Funding announcement emails are sent out frequently. Also, our monthly newsletter, The Reporter, includes a large list of opportunities arranged in four categories. Links to the announcement or solicitation are included for your convenience.

Where can I find the University ID numbers and other government information my application is asking for? — Some of the more frequently requested information follows. Contact your assigned ORA Grants Administrator early to ensure that you have accurate information and can meet the sponsor's requirements.

  • Applicant Legal Entity: The University of Southern Mississippi
  • Type of Organization: public, nonprofit, educational nonmedical
  • Federal Employer Identification Number: 64-6000818
  • DUNS #: 623335775
  • U.S. Congressional District: 4th
  • MS House District: 104th
  • MS Senate District: 45th
  • County: Forrest

Additional information is available on our Getting Started page.

What are Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs (sometimes called indirect costs)? — F&A costs are related to using and maintaining the facilities where sponsored projects are conducted and the time and commodities expended by support staff not directly involved in the project. 

What are the University's current facilities and administrative (F&A) cost rates? — See our F&A Costs page.

How does the University use recovered facilities and administrative (F&A) costs? F&A cost recovery partially reimburses the University for actual costs related to supporting sponsored projects. A portion of the F&A costs recovered is distributed to the principal investigator's  department. Each department establishes its own criteria for handling these funds. The Vice President for Research uses some to offset cost-sharing required by sponsors and for internal development, to enhance the University's research capacity. How the funds are distributed:

  • 10% — Department
  • 10% — College 
  • 40% — General Fund
  • 40% — Vice President for Research

What are the current fringe benefit rates? — Related documents are linked on our Fringe Benefits page and on Employment & HR's Benefit Resources page.

The sponsor has $50,000 available for my project, but I need $75,000 to do the work. What can I do? We recommend you reduce the scope of work to a level the amount offered will support. University policy is to budget for the amount of cost sharing the sponsor requires.

What USM forms do I need to submit my proposal? — You must complete a Proposal Information Form and any forms necessary for your specific project. See our Forms and Budget page.

How much time does ORA need to review my proposal? — We ask that you give ORA your proposal and budget at least 5-10 days before the sponsor's deadline. However, it's to your advantage to inform your grants administrator as soon as you decide to apply for a specific grant so they can become familiar with the guidelines.

Who is responsible for copying and mailing a hard-copy proposal? — ORA will copy and mail or ship the completed proposal.

How do I know who my grants administrator is? — Our grants administrators are assigned to specific departments, centers, or units. If you do not know who yours is, contact us at ora-pamFREEMississippi or 601-266-4119.

Who is responsible for reports to the sponsor concerning my grant? — Most grants require two different types of reports: financial and technical. You should work with your contract and grants accountants to insure the accuracy of financial reports. You should complete technical reports and submit them to the sponsor according to their guidelines. You should also send a copy of these reports to ORA. Alternatively, if you give ORA the reports early enough, we will make copies and forward them to the sponsor.