Institutional Review Board



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All human subjects research conducted by Southern Miss faculty, students and staff requires prior approval by the University’s Institutional Board (IRB). The IRB is responsible for ensuring that proposed research meets the relevant federal and institutional standards and guidelines. All investigations and experiments involving human subjects in any way, regardless of funding source, must be reviewed and sanctioned by the IRB before beginning the research. Data collected before formal IRB approval is received may not be used under any circumstances.

Upon approval, the IRB manager will send the principal investigator an approval letter from the IRB Chair electronically. Expect 3 – 4 weeks for approval from the time the form is submitted to the IRB by the department chair.

The human subjects research application process is as follows:

  1. Principal Investigators complete a Human Subjects Research Application Form.
  2. Student researchers email completed and signed forms to their research advisors for review and signature. Research advisors then email the form to Department Chairs and unit Directors for review and signature.
  3. Faculty researchers email the form directly to Department Chairs for review and signature.
  4. Completed and signed forms are then submitted to
  5. An assigned IRB committee member will review the application. If revisions are required, the IRB administrator will notify you via email.
  6. Upon approval you will receive an approval letter from the IRB committee chair via email.

 For any questions involving the application process please contact Jo Ann Johnson at or 601.266.5997.

Institutional Review Board Members