Sexual Misconduct Policy

Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Policy

The University of Southern Mississippi prohibits sexual misconduct in any form, including sexual assault or sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and other forms of nonconsensual sexual conduct. 

The University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy sets forth the resources available to students and employees and describes prohibited conduct. Sexual misconduct is inconsistent with the standards and ideals of our community.

The University is committed to fostering an academic, work, and living environment that is free from all forms of discrimination and sexual misconduct including sexual harassment and sexual assault. 

Additionally, federal law prohibits all forms of sexual harassment under Title IV, Title VII and Title IX. 

This policy assists the University in complying with federal and state legal mandates and University policies in relation to such misconduct and applies to all members of the University community.  To review the complete policy, click on the highlighted title Sexual Misconduct Policy (Policy No. PRES-AA-001).