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School of Social Science and Global Studies

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Jasmine Whiteside - Sociology Alumnus

Name: Jasmine Whiteside

Graduation Year/Major: 2015/Sociology BA

Current School: The Ohio State University

Current Position: Graduate Student in a Masters and Ph.D program in Sociology

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Terri Knight - Sociology Alumnus

Name: Terri Knight

Graduation Year/Major: 2009/Sociology BA

Current Employer: The Knight Butcher, Laurel, MS

Current Title: Owner and Business Manager

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Name: Jennifer Clark

Graduation Year/Major: 2001/Anthropology BA

Current Employer: Emerge Events, Hattiesburg, MS

Current Title: Event Planner

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Name: Samantha Herrington

Graduation Year/Major: 2013/Sociology BS

Current Employer: Humane Society Silicon Valley

Current Title: Individual Giving Administrator

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Tyler Cargill - Anthropology AlumnusName: Tyler Cargill

Graduation Year/Major: 2012/Anthropology BA

Current Employer: Department of Anthropology at the Smithsonian Institution.

Current Title: Bioarchaeologist and Osteologist

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Name: Patricia Condon

Graduation Year/Major: 2005/Anthropology MA/MLIS

Current School: Simmons College in Massachusetts

Current Position: Ph.D student in Library Information Science





Name: Kelli Ferris

Graduation Year/Major: 2013/Anthropology BA

Current Employer: Winterville Mounds Park and Museum

Current Title: Historian

Life of an Anthropology Undergraduate Student by Kelli Ferris



Name: Nikki Leist Castillo

Graduation Year/Major: 2008/ANT BA

Current Employer: United States Army Corps of Engineers

Current Title: Park Ranger

Peace Corps Profile of Nikki Leist