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The Cultivation Process

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cultivation process

We know a well-trained, engaged and friendly student team is essential to our success. All future employers are looking for a strong work ethic and experience in communication, teamwork, problem-solving and leadership. Students gain the edge when they display these qualities with examples from professional work experience. ‚Äč

A way that we can help prepare students for this is through the Division of Student Affairs' Cultivation Process, a learning-focused program for all student employees and student organization members across campus. The program facilitates career readiness and self-authorship through conversations we call Cultivations. We have designed these short, impactful conversations to prompt reflection, knowledge integration, and professional development for student employees and organization members. 

In carrying out the Division's mission of developing healthy, connected, and learning-focused students and communities, there is a need to ensure students become self-sufficient, goal-driven individuals who build meaningful relationships in their professional and firsthand experiences. As educators, it is our responsibility to help students develop the skillsets necessary to achieve this success. The Cultivation Process answers this call.


How are Cultivations Structured?

Cultivations are 25-30 minute conversations based around a *facilitation guide for each of the six strategies:

  • Teach Me
    • Learning Outcome: Students will be able to adequately assess and enhance their level of understanding of selected classroom concepts.
  • Knowledge Integration 
    • Learning Outcome: Students will be able to identify opportunities to relate and possibly apply classroom knowledge within the context of their DSA experience.
  • Classroom Goal Setting
    • Learning Outcome: Students will be able to set formative goals, devise and enact sufficient action plans, and learn from the results of their efforts.  
  • Resume Development 
    • Learning Outcome: Students will produce and improve their professional resumes, while effectively showcasing their skills using personal experiential examples. 
  • Strength Enhancement
    • Learning Outcome: Students will better understand, call upon, and build from their top strengths identified by Gallup's CliftonStrengths Inventory.
  • Essential Skills Development
    • Learning Outcome: Students will hone essential collaboration skills such as teamwork and problem solving. 

*Facilitation guides are available by accessing SuperAdvisor Resources in Teams. 


Integrating University Pillars into Cultivations

When students engage with Southern Miss, their experience prepares them for a world where they are confident, happy, and productively engaged with their personal and professional communities.

The University Pillars, a new initiative from the DSA, looks to ensure that the Cultivation strategies boost these skills and further promotes self authorship. 


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