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Wellness Apps


This medication reminder app makes sure you don't miss a dose of your medication, gives you important warnings about drug interactions, and lets you know when it's time to refill your prescriptions.


My Fitness PalMy Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal helps you track your physical activity and the foods you eat, as well as helping you set goals and monitor your progress.



Falling to sleep can be hard sometimes. Sleepiest is an app with a variety of calming sounds, stories, and exercises that help support falling asleep.


Sleep BetterSleepBetter

SleepBetter helps you improve your sleep health. It provides four diaries for logging daily sleep habits, lifestyle habits, daytime satisfaction and daytime performance, and a fun game to see how your reaction time changes from a Monday to a Friday.

Stress & Relaxation Apps

3 Minute Mindfulness3-Minute Mindfulness

Sometimes we just need to take a moment to pause, take in our environment, and focus on how we are feeling in the moment. This app guides you through quick, 3-minute breaks when you need to press the pause button for a moment!  


I AmI Am

Reminding ourselves of what we love about ourselves is so important and can help us shift our thoughts to more positive ones. I am helps you shift your thoughts by prompting you to complete a daily affirmation. 



Taking a moment to think about what you are grateful for is a great way to shift your thoughts into a more positive space. Grateful helps you express your gratitude with reminders and a place to track your gratitude.


Mood FitMoodfit

Tracking how we are feeling can be a great way for us to learn more about how we are doing, and it can help us communicate to others what we are experiencing. Moodfit lets you track your mood, and also has several really great tips/tricks on how to improve your mood, feelings, and thoughts. 


Worry WatchWorry Watch

Notice yourself worrying about things often? Worry Watch helps you log your worries and has tips and tricks to help you overcome some of those worries.

Academic Apps


Drop your class syllabus into the app and Skoller will organize due date reminders, calendars, to-do lists, grade impact graphs, and more. $30/year or $3/month after free trial.


Focus CityFocus City

This app will block the websites you don't want to distract you while you're working. Every time you focus successfully you will get a house. If you give up the house will be destroyed! 


ATrakerATracker Time Tracker

Life is precious and so is your time. ATracker will help you achieve more of your goals, build a sustainable habit, and boost your productivity to new heights.


AudionoteAudioNote 2

Learn better by listening? You can record, take notes, and play your notes/recording back with AudioNote.


Be FocusedBe Focused

Many of us work better with structure and breaks. Be Focused helps you with more efficient studying and assignment completion by setting intervals of study/working time with planned breaks.


Dog Ate ItDog Ate It

This app is another planner app, specifically designed with the student in mind. Track your assignments with alarms, view your class schedule, calculate your grades, and more.



Trying to write that paper or study but notice yourself on social media instead? Freedom helps block specific websites from your devices for a period of time.



Financial Apps

Every DollarEveryDollar

Having a budget isn’t about tying yourself down. It’s about having a flexible plan for how you want to spend your money (before your money spends itself). Free and premium versions available.


Pocket BudgetPocket Budget

Pocket Budget will help you to stay on budget every month. Just a few clicks and you know where your money goes and how you can improve your daily spending routine and cashflow.







For emergency assistance, dial 9-1-1. Or view local emergency contacts for police, fire, hospitals, and mental health crises.

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