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Academic Help

Academic Help

Artificial IntelligenceHave Questions About Using Artificial Intelligence?

Generative artificial intelligence—like ChatGPT, Google Gemini, and GrammarlyGO—is an exciting and evolving technology. How can you determine if, and how, you can use it to complete assignments for your courses?

Learn about USM's AI Policy

Seymour's GECNeed to Choose Your GEC Classes?

Take charge of your education by choosing General Education Curriculum classes that interest you—classes that will help you in your future career, that will expose you to new ideas and experiences, and that will enrich your life after you graduate.

You can learn more about the GEC classes offered at Southern Miss and which choices are available to you at Seymour's GEC, brought to you by your Student Government Association.

Visit Seymour's GEC

Academic Coaching

Need Academic Coaching?

Free, one-on-one appointments to help you outline and make progress towards your goals, connect you with on-campus resources, and keep you accountable. 
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Ask-an-Advisor Have Questions About Advising?

Have a question about your degree plan? Hold on your account? Considering changing your major? Contact your academic advisor (listed in your SOAR account), or use this form to get an answer by email.
Ask-an-Advisor form

Need to Change Your Major?Need to Change Your Major?

Not sure what to major in? You're not alone, and there are a few options to help you find a major that you love and that will set you on the road to a rewarding career.
Learn more

Disability AccommodationNeed a Disability Accommodation?

If you have a disability, temporary injury, or are pregnant, Student Accessibility Services can work with you and your professors to make sure you have full access to the tools and resources you need to be successful. 
Learn more about disability accommodations

DistractedDistracted? Missing Due Dates?

Staying focused, managing your responsibilities, and getting assignments in on time can be tough. There are many quick and easy tips and tricks that can help you reduce distraction when you study, manage your time, and help you avoid procrastination.

Check out this list of helpful apps.

Research Help Need Research Help?

If you need help finding sources for a paper or presentation, you can schedule a consultation with a librarian who can help you find books and articles on your subject. Or for quick questions, you can Ask-a-Librarian
Schedule a consultation

Speaking HelpNeed Speaking Help?

Need to give a speech? The staff at the Speaking Center can help you one-on-one from initial brainstorming to polished delivery. 
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Need Tutoring?Need Tutoring?

Many Southern Miss schools offer tutoring for students who need extra help with their classes. Check with your school office or visit ODA’s list of on-campus resources. 
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Writing HelpNeed Writing Help?

The Writing Center provides friendly, free, one-to-one consultations for any stage of your writing process, from understanding the assignment and brainstorming ideas to revising and editing. 
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Worried About Plagiarism?

Southern Miss has a strict academic integrity policy, but how can you make sure you are not violating the rules? USM Libraries has a great self-guided plagiarism tutorial to help you understand exactly what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.
View tutorial

File an Appeal

Need to File an Appeal?

If you believe an action has been taken against you that you believe is unfair or a violation of your rights, you can make a formal appeal. Learn what types of issues can be appealed and the process you need to take on the CARES webpage.Learn about appeals

Dean of StudentsNeed to Know Your Options?

The Dean of Students is the liaison between students, parents, faculty, staff, the general public and campus administration. If you have an issue with a faculty or staff member or are facing disciplinary action, the Dean of Students' Office is a good place to start to learn about your options.

Dean of Students



For emergency assistance, dial 9-1-1. Or view local emergency contacts for police, fire, hospitals, and mental health crises.

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