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Student Success

Academic Coaching

This program offers Southern Miss students one-on-one academic support with a success coach trained to improve the skills needed to excel in college. Students are asked to meet with their success coach four times throughout the semester. During each session students will be guided through activities and conversations designed to improve time management, study strategies, and knowledge of campus resources. 

Meetings are personalized to meet each student’s individual needs and will focus on motivating the student towards a successful academic experience at Southern Miss.  

Procrastination is every college student’s worst nightmare! It is important to help our students stay on top of their work and successfully complete each academic course.

Priority consideration for this program is given to first-year, first generation students.

Applications for students interested in the Academic Coaching program for the Fall 2020 semester are open!  If you have any questions about the program, please email successFREEMississippi.  

Applications to serve as an Academic Coach have closed for the Fall 2020 semester. If you have any questions about serving as a coach in future semesters, please email successFREEMississippi 

  •  One on one support from your coach
  • Faculty/Staff connections
  • Mentorship
  • Stronger study skills, time management skills, and better academic practices!

Testimonials by Academic Coaching Participants

"My Academic Coach helped grow and develop skills I never thought I could achieve, but with her help and motivation I have a much better outlook on college than I did at the beginning of the semester."

"My Academic Coach was extremely passionate about helping students find their way through college. She helped me grow in a lot of areas, and I can tell she really cared about my success at this university and in life in general. I thoroughly enjoyed having her as my academic coach, and I am extremely grateful for all the advice she has provided me." 

"Academic Coaching helped me improve my grades and have a better outlook on not only my school, but also my future."

"My academic coach really pushed me to do my best at all times. She helped me throughout my entire semester and I appreciate her so very much!"

"My experience with Academic Coaching motivated me to continue to strive for greatness but do so in a well organized manner."

"She was great and definitely helped me feel like I wasn't in this alone."