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Academic Connections to Enhance Success (ACES)


Join a Freshman Living-Learning Community!

ACES (Academic Connections to Enhance Success) Living Learning Communities provide accepted first-year students with access to a small community of peers within the larger university setting and direct connections with dedicated faculty and staff. For the fall 2021 semester, students are assigned to one of three academic focused living-learning communities or our support based community for First Generation students. Students admitted into one of the four 2021-22 ACES communities will:

  • Live together in the same residence hall
  • Take a set of courses together in the fall and spring semester
  • Benefit from additional programs and mentoring

Our application for our ACES communities for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 have been opened!  Spaces in each community are limited so apply today! 

Psychology Application, Pre-Nursing Application, Biology Application, and Gen 1 Application

Listed classes are tentatively assigned and are subject to change.

Questions about the ACES program can be directed to The Center for Student Success at 601.266.6405 or successFREEMississippi.

Communities for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

Apply here to join our ACES academic community for students who are interested in pursuing a degree in Nursing. The community members will live together in Century Park North Buildings 2 and 3 and take two classes together in the fall semester and one in the spring semester. Each of these classes has been chosen to help you stay on track to degree and gain valuable knowledge to help you in your future career.  Fall classes selected for our Pre-Nursing students are: CHE 106 and CHE 106L and UNV 150.  In spring 2022, community members will enroll in SOC 101. 

CHE 106 and the coordinating lab will give you critical foundational information to prepare you for the science classes to come and your nursing requirements down the road.  UNV 150 will enhance your decision making skills and interpersonal skills as well as teach you how to be successful at Southern Miss. SOC 101 introduces you to key elements of our modern society and how knowledge of our communities will be crucial to practice as a nursing professional. Together, these classes go towards your degree, and taking them with other ACES students will provide you with a community of support to ensure success in year one. *** Fall 2021/Spring 2022 classes are tentative and subject to change.***

Interested majoring in Biological Sciences and pursuing a degree in the medical field or biological research?  Then this is the ACES academic learning community for you. Students selected for this ACES program will live together Century Park North Buildings 2 and 3 and take two classes in common for the fall semester and one class in the spring semester.  Classes selected for the fall 2021 semester are BSC 110 and BSC 110L along with BSC 197.  For spring 2022, ACES Biology students will enroll in CHE 106 and CHE 106L.

Biological Sciences and Chemistry provide you with an important foundation for the classes required in future semesters, and Biological Sciences 197 gives you valuable information on how to succeed as a Biological Sciences major at Southern Miss. Having the opportunity to take these classes with other ACES students gives you a ready-made community of peers within a larger group of majors, as well as additional support for your classes. Apply here.  *** Fall 2021/Spring 2022 classes are tentative and subject to change.***

Are you considering majoring in Psychology and pursuing a career in the field? If so the ACES Psychology cluster is the right home for you. This ACES living-learning community will bring together new freshmen majoring in psychology and provide them with a community of peers with whom you will explore the field of psychology. Participants will live together in Century Park North Buildings 2 and 3 and take two classes in the fall and one in the spring semester together.

Introduction to Psychology (PSY 110) and PSY 203 will be taken in the fall and ENG 203 will be taken in the spring semester.  Psychology 110 and 203 will set you up for success in developing foundational skills and understanding of the field of psychology. ENG 203 is a required course for most degree plans and will provide you with important writing skills for your major. The face to face setting of the ACES Psychology ENG 203 section will also provide additional support for success. Apply here.  *** Fall 2021/Spring 2022 classes are tentative and subject to change.***

At Southern Miss, we are proud to welcome a large percentage of first-generation college students to our campus every year. Southern Miss defines first generation as any student whose parents/guardians did not obtain a 4-year college degree. If so, you are in great company, and the ACES Gen 1 living-learning community is for you. Participants will live together with other first gen students in Century Park North Buildings 2 and 3 and have the chance to meet and learn from faculty and staff who were first gen students themselves. Students in this ACES community will take two classes during the fall semester and one in the spring semester as a group

In the fall our Gen 1 students enroll in University 112, a course designed to help first-gen students navigate the university and maximize success, and CMS 330, a small-group communication course which will help our Gen 1 students develop the communication skills need to successfully pursue a four-year degree and satisfy their GEC Public Speaking requirement. In the spring semester, you will take ART 130, an aesthetic values course that is required for all degree plans at Southern Miss.  With additional mentoring and support from faculty and staff, your transition to the world of college will be made smoother through this ACES community. Apply here. *** Fall 2021/Spring 2022 classes are tentative and subject to change.***


Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, you cannot do both ACES and Luckyday or Honors College.  ACES students must live in the ACES residence hall for their community and cannot opt to live in Luckyday or Honors housing.

A key element of the program is the shared living environment in on-campus housing (Hattiesburg campus). It allows first-year students to engage in a supportive community as early as their first day on campus. As a result, you are not able to be a part of ACES and live off-campus.

Yes.  After you are accepted to Southern Miss, you will need to have a transcript/AP scores sent to the Admissions Office for verification.  You can contact the Admissions Office by calling 601.266.5000 for more information.

The ACES program is a living, learning program that requires students to live together on a specific floor of a residence hall and take specific classes together.  As a result, you are required to live on the designated ACES floor.  All of our ACES participants are assigned a specific floor and wing in Century Park North Buildings 2 and 3 depending upon their ACES community.

We ask that ACES students reside with other ACES students in their same assigned cluster.  If you and your preferred roommate are both accepted into the same ACES cluster, you and your desired roommate will both need to denote on your housing application that you want to room with each other.  Both parties will need to have submitted their applications, paid their housing fees, and denoted roommate preferences by February 15, 2021.  All roommate preferences that are submitted by the deadline will be accommodated as much as possible.

Please note that both roommates must be accepted into the same ACES cluster due to the specific floor assignments for each cluster.

Housing and Residence Life, Eagle Dining, and Moffitt Health Center have created guidelines and information for parents and students answering these questions.
Yes. Masks and social distancing are required during face to face classes.  For more information about guidelines due to COVID- 19, please visit the Flight Path website.

ACES At A Glance
*** Cannot be a part of ACES AND Luckyday Citizenship program or Honors College.

*** Must live on-campus, on the designated ACES floor and wing.


CHE 106/106L (Fall) - General Chemistry 1 and General Chemistry Lab
UNV 150 (Fall) - Making Major Decisions
SOC 101 (Spring) - Understanding Society: Principles of Sociology
Residence Hall: Century Park North Buildings 2 and 3
*** Fall 2021/Spring 2022 classes are tentative and subject to change.***


BSC 110/110L (Fall) - Principles of Biological Sciences I and Lab
BSC 197 (Fall) - First Year Foundations for Biological Sciences Majors
CHE 106/106L (Spring) - General Chemistry I and Lab
Residence Hall: Century Park North Buildings 2 and 3
*** Fall 2021/Spring 2022 classes are tentative and subject to change.***


Psychology 110 (Fall) - General Psychology
Psychology 203 (Fall) - Orientation to the Psychology Major
ENG 203 (Spring) - World Literature
Residence Hall: Century Park North Buildings 2 and 3
*** Fall 2021/Spring 2022 classes are tentative and subject to change.***

Gen 1 (first generation college students)

CMS 330 (Fall) - Small Group Communication
UNV 112 (Fall) - First Gen Student Success
ART 130 (Spring) - Art Appreciation
Residence Hall: Century Park North Buildings 2 and 3
*** Fall 2021/Spring 2022 classes are tentative and subject to change.***

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