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Join a Freshman Living-Learning Community!

ACES Students

ACES (Academic Connections to Enhance Success) Living Learning Community is a collaborative partnership between The Center for Student Success and Housing & Residence Life designed to help first-year nursing-track students at Southern Miss form community with their peers and direct connections to dedicated faculty and staff.

Students admitted into the 2023-2024 nursing-track ACES community will:

  • Live together in the same residence hall
  • Take a set of courses together in the fall and spring semesters
  • Benefit from additional programs and mentoring, such as increased support from faculty, staff, and residential staff; unique study experiences (e.g., faculty-led review sessions); and programs and workshops dedicated to helping ACES scholars develop into stronger students who understand the nursing field better.


All first-year students coming to Southern Miss for the first time who plan to pursue a degree in nursing are eligible to apply.

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Students in the ACES Living Learning Community take designated classes together each semester of their first year. It's a great way to get to know your classmates, and to build community as you navigate your freshman year.

This is a tentative list of classes, subject to change depending on availability.

FALL 2023



MAT 101 - College Algebra (with Support Class)

Functions and graphs, linear equations and inequalities, non-linear equations, including exponential and logarithmic equations.


World Civilizations

HIS 102 - World Civilizations: 1500 to the present

This course traces the development of human societies into the “modern world,” from around 1500 C.E.  to the present day. It stresses the interrelations of past cultures, comparing and contrasting the experiences of peoples and civilizations with one another.


SOC 101 - Understanding Society: Principles of Sociology

Designed to give a general overview of the perspectives, concepts and methodology of sociology. 




PSY 110 - General Psychology

An introduction to the scientific study of human behavior and experience.

Comparative Religion

REL 131 - Comparative Religion 

The study of religion as an aspect of human culture with attention to both Christian and non-Christian religions.

Dance or Theatre Appreciation

DAN 130 - Dance Appreciation

A survey of dance as a worldwide phenomenon of human behavior and its function in human society, past and present.


THE 100 - Theatrical Expressions

An introduction to theatre as an art form reflecting the aesthetic aspects and social conditions of a culture. 



Century Park North

ACES Living Learning Community students will live in Century Park North (Building 3), a gated community at 2901 West Fourth Street in Hattiesburg.

Questions about housing should be directed to Housing and Residence Life at reslifeFREEMississippi%C2%A0or 601.266.4783.

Virtual tour of Century Park North


Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, you cannot do both ACES and Luckyday or Honors College.  ACES students must live in the ACES residence hall for their community and cannot opt to live in Luckyday or Honors housing.

A key element of the program is the shared living environment in on-campus housing (Hattiesburg campus). It allows first-year students to engage in a supportive community as early as their first day on campus. As a result, you are not able to be a part of ACES and live off-campus.

Yes! Your assigned University Advisement Center advisor will be able to assist you with course selection should you have dual enrollment credit closer to Orientation.

The ACES program is a living, learning program that requires students to live together on a specific floor of a residence hall and take specific classes together.  As a result, you are required to live on the designated ACES floor.  All of our ACES participants are assigned specific floors in Century Park North Building 3.

We ask that ACES students reside with other ACES students. If you and your preferred roommate are both accepted into the ACES program, you will both need to denote on your housing application that you want to room together.  Both parties will need to have submitted their applications, paid their housing fees, and denoted roommate preferences by February 15. All roommate preferences that are submitted by the deadline will be accommodated as much as possible.


Questions about academic programming should be directed to The Center for Student Success at successFREEMississippi%20or 601.266.6405.

Questions about housing, residence hall rules, or general living environment should be directed to Housing & Residence Life at reslifeFREEMississippi or 601.266.4783.





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