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Student Success

Jubilee Scholars

What Is the Jubilee Scholars Program?

The Jubilee Scholars Program provides unique academic and professional development opportunities to a select group of students at The University of Southern Mississippi. Each year in the late spring, 50 Jubilee Scholars are selected from the freshman class. They officially begin the program at the start of their sophomore year.

During their sophomore year, Jubilee Scholars participate in a variety of programs to maximize their academic performance and enhance their professional communication and networking skills. In addition, the Jubilee Scholars Program provides select students with a supportive community of other students who want to reach their full potential in life, as well as faculty and staff mentors who will coach them through their college experience.

In their junior and senior years, Jubilee Scholars continue with limited programming as they transition to serving as resources and peer mentors to freshmen and sophomore students. As mentors, these juniors and seniors will provide advice and encouragement to newer students as they face common challenges. Training and support will be provided to Jubilee Scholars on how to mentor, and program staff will facilitate the connection of Scholars to students seeking mentors. In honor of being selected, Jubilee Scholars will also receive $1000 scholarships for their sophomore, junior, and senior years at Southern Miss ($3000 total).



Why should you apply to be a Jubilee Scholar?

➦  To learn what your strengths are and how you can use them to be as successful as possible

➦  To identify areas where you can grow your skills and maximize your potentialStudents Laughing

➦  To work with professional staff and faculty to set goals for your future and chart plans to reach them

➦  To develop professional skills that will serve you well as a student and in your professional career

➦  To build strong professional connections with faculty and staff members on campus

➦  To serve others in the Southern Miss community and share in their successes