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Wear Proper Attire

Wear clothing that will not get caught in the bike chain such as loose pants and long or untied shoelaces.  Wear shoes that will provide a sturdy foundation.  Sandals, flip flops, and shoes with heels are not advised.  Wear a helmet to protect your head!  Doing this could save your life.


Check the Condition of Your Bike Before You Ride

Check your tires, chain, and brakes before you ride, to ensure that they are all functioning properly.


Follow All Traffic Laws

A bicycle is a vehicle, so you have to obey all traffic signs, signals, and lane markings.  Ride with traffic on the right side of the road, just as if you were a car.  Never ride against traffic (on the left side of the road), as drivers will not be looking for you in that position, and you are more likely to get hit.


Use Hand Signals to Communicate Your Actions to Motorists

When turning left or right, simply extend your left or right hand and point in the direction you will be turning.  This allows motorists to anticipate your actions, and slow down accordingly.


Make Proper Left Turns

Like an automobile, signal first, move into turning lane, and turn left.  You may also ride to a crosswalk, and walk your bike across the intersection when it is safe to do so.


Stay Alert at All Times

Use your eyes and ears to watch for any hazards that may be in your path, such as rocks, storm grates, potholes, etc.

Listen for traffic and any dangerous approaching situations. Do not wear headphones when riding your bike! 

If it is raining, you will need three times the normal distance to stop.

Always look back, without swerving, before changing position, and only move when no other vehicle is in your way.

If you are riding next to parked cars, be aware that a driver may open a car door right in front of you.  This is a common cause of bike accidents.  To prevent this, ride in the middle of the lane, with traffic, when there are parked cars along the right side of the road.  Never swerve in and out of a line of parked cars.

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