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Cristin Reynolds

Cristin Reynolds

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Title IX Coordinator


Dr. Cristin Lee Reynolds received her B.S. in Biological Sciences (Chemistry minor), M.Ed. in Higher Education (focus on Student Affairs), and her Ph.D in Higher Education Administration from The University of Southern Mississippi. She has served as the Deputy Title IX Coordinator from 2019-2021 as well as an serving as an intern and graduate assistant for the Title IX office since August 2015.

Dr. Reynolds dissertation "The searched for neutrality: A discourse analysis of language use in higher education Title IX sexual misconduct policies" explored how language used in sexual misconduct policies of eleven southeastern flagship institutions affect the neutral role of Title IX. Her scholarship and research into the areas of policy language and accessibility were invaluable in crafting the current Interim Sexual Harassment policy, following the 2020 regulations handed down by the Office of Civil Rights under the Trump administration.  Her research interests include student conduct, higher education law/policy, and Title IX compliance. 

Phone: 601.266.6805