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Undergraduate Scholarships

Oseola McCarty Scholars Program

Fulfilling a Legacy

Oseola McCarty Scholars will participate in activities that center around financial literacy research, career planning, and community involvement. 

Oseola McCarty Oseola McCarty


The Oseola McCarty Scholars Program is an extension of the Oseola McCarty Endowment offered by the University of Southern Mississippi that began in 2018. Oseola McCarty Scholars are chosen fairly through the freshman competitive scholarship application process to embark on a meaningful life endeavor. The program centers on Oseola McCarty’s servant attitude and financial impact to the community with her generous donation to the University. Oseola McCarty Scholars possess a strong work ethic, leadership skills, and a commitment to serving others through community service and school organizations.


1.     Learning: Curriculum will allow students to research, teach, and promote current financial literacy practices and understand how they impact their communities.

2.     Leadership: Students will lead by example with their participation in the program and recruitment efforts for prospective Oseola McCarty Scholars.

3.     Collaboration: This program will work with various student affairs offices, faculty, staff, and community partners on various service projects and program needs.

4.     Inclusion: Oseola McCarty Scholars will have access to an exclusive curriculum and several mentorship opportunities to foster personal development.

5.     Responsibility: Students will develop life-long tools and experiences that will help them fulfill a social responsibility by upholding the wishes of Oseola McCarty.


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2018-20019 McCarty Scholars

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