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The Creative Writing Program


The Center for Writers offers both MA and PhD degree paths where creative writing students study alongside literary scholars and take courses from literature and creative writing faculty at the forefront of their fields. What sets this program apart from others is the spirited and collaborative relationship between faculty from different creative and literary backgrounds and the graduate students with whom they work. Students specialize in their chosen genre of fiction or poetry, but also gain expertise in particular fields of literary studies based on theme and historical period. We offer a robust and immersive graduate experience which involves taking coursework and teaching undergraduate students, as well as participating in the myriad facets of our program culture including public readings, social gatherings, professionalization workshops, and fundraisers. We also offer at least one summer graduate course, intersession courses in January or May, and an exciting British Studies program every summer.  

The MA degree in Creative Writing is a two year program that mostly consists of creative writing workshops and electives, along with at least three courses in literature and theory. Students in the MA program must write and complete an original creative thesis which they defend in the last semester of their tenure. The PhD degree is a three year program, with competitive funding for a fourth year if available. PhD students enroll in workshops, creative writing electives, and theory and literature courses, enjoying a rigorous but balanced path to completion. PhD students take a qualifying exam at the end of their first year and a written comprehensive exam when they have completed coursework. These exams are designed to underscore the students’ breadth of knowledge and give them the opportunity to read deeply in their chosen fields. The PhD student writes and defends an original dissertation at the end of their degree, working with a committee of creative writing and literature faculty.

Great writing is made from good writing. We hope to celebrate what you do well, and at the same time open space in front of you, as best we can, so that what you’ve done becomes what you could do. 

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