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Aerospace Studies

Aerospace Studies 400 Curriculum

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Fourth Year:  Air Force Studies 400 (AS 400)


AS 400, "National Security, Leadership Responsibilities and Commissioning Preparation" is designed for college seniors and gives them the foundation to understand their role as military officers in American society.  It is an overview of the complex social and political issues facing the military profession and requires a measure of sophistication commensurate with the senior college level.  The final semester provides information that will prepare the cadets for Active Duty.  A mandatory Leadership Laboratory complements this course by providing advanced leadership experiences, giving students the opportunity to apply the leadership and management principles of this course.

Course Objectives

The AS 400 cadet should comprehend the basic elements of national security policy and process. The individual should comprehend the air and space power functions and competencies. Also, the individual should understand selected roles of the military in society and current issues affecting the military profession as well as selected provisions of the military justice system. The individual should comprehend the responsibility, authority, and functions of an Air Force commander. The individual should apply listening, speaking, and writing skills in Air Force-peculiar formats and situations with accuracy, clarity, and appropriate style. The individual should comprehend the factors which facilitate a smooth transition from civilian to military life.


  • Fall Courses:  AS412 & AS412L (3 credit hours)
  • Spring Courses:  AS413 & AS413L (3 credit hours)

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