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Black Studies Minor

Black Studies Minor

Historical experiences of peoples in Africa and the Black Diaspora

ISPD offers undergraduates a minor in Black Studies based on inquiries into a wide range of topics related to contemporary and historical experiences of peoples in Africa and the Black Diaspora. 


What Will I learn?

The minor reflects the dual focus of the Center for Black Studies, which aims to engage students in the Center and increase their knowledge, involvement, and critical awareness of race in the human experience. 

Through a variety of courses, students will learn about:

  • The culture and the educational, social, political, and economic development of African Americans and the black diaspora using a multi-disciplinary approach;
  • The relationship between African Americans and other ethnic groups;
  • African-American and Caribbean literature, modernism, and racial thought in the Western World;
  • Students will engage with the various entities that address Black experiences, through the Center for Black Studies.


Faculty Spotlight 

Black Studies Affiliate Faculty 

Cheryl Jenkins  


Dr. Cheryl Jenkins is co-author and co-editor of the book Race and Media: Critical Perspectives, which focuses on journalistic representations of race and on the coverage of diverse communities (or lack thereof) in mainstream media. It aims to examine these journalistic representations of race, and in doing so to question whether or not we are living in a post-racial world.


Career Pathways

A minor in Black Studies can be paired with any major, and in many cases, students can get a Black Studies minor without taking any more credit hours than they would need to take for their major alone. The Black Studies minor is for all students, as it helps you broaden your perception of cultural diversity and gain a deeper understanding of how race relates to class, gender and sexuality, nationality, ethnicity and other social structures through out the world.  

Some majors that work well with this minor are:

  • Social sciences: Global studies, Political Science and Economics
  • Applied social sciences: Social work
  • Humanities: History, English, Philosophy
  • Communication: Journalism and Public Relations
  • And many more!



Photos of Raylawni Branch and Gwendolyn Elaine Armstrong


Center for Black Studies

Southern Miss was desegregated in 1965 when Raylawni Branch and Gwendolyn Elaine Armstrong became the first African-American students enrolled at the University. Fifty years of progress is evident in the wide-ranging programming, research, teaching, and service activities organized and supported by the Center for Black Studies.



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Black Studies Undergraduate Minor Hattiesburg


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