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Payment Policy - Spring 2020

The University of Southern Mississippi implemented a new payment policy effective Fall 2019 in an effort to

  • Increase students' awareness of the expenses they will have each semester,
  • Ensure students pay off balances in time to register for the next term, and
  • Reduce student debt from unpaid bills

Students who have a balance after their anticipated financial aid is calculated will be required to pay the balance in full or enroll in the installment payment plan by January 10, 2020 in order to attend class.

Students can choose two payment options:

  1. Payment in full of the remaining balance owed after all anticipated aid is taken into consideration
  2. Enrollment in the Installment Payment Plan with the first payment being due at enrollment. The payment plan offered by Southern Miss:
  • Requires a minimum Spring 2020 balance of $500 to enroll
  • Has a $50 non-refundable enrollment fee
  • Enables students to pay each semester's balance in four equal installments excluding summer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Spring 2020 class schedules will be subject to cancellation for students who do not meet the payment deadline of January 10, 2020.


Spring 2020 Dates:

  • December 12- Spring 2020 invoices available on SOAR
  • January 10 - Deadline for students to pay spring balance or enroll in the payment plan and pay first installment
  • February 10 - 2nd payment plan installment due
  • March 10 -  3rd payment plan installment due
  • April 10 - Final payment plan installment due


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find more information about the Installment Payment Plan?

You can visit our page, Installment Payment Plan.

Where can I find the remaining balance owed after all anticipated financial aid is taken into consideration?

Log into SOAR and click on your Student Account tile. The total due for each semester will be listed on the first screen.

When can I fill out my FAFSA for the 2019-2020 academic year?

Now! You can complete it online through FAFSA.

Once I enroll in the payment plan, will it keep me enrolled for every semester?

No, you will need to enroll each semester in SOAR.

Is the $50 enrollment fee a one-time fee?

No. The enrollment fee is charged for each semester the student is enrolled in the plan. This fee is charged by CashNet, the third-party vendor which provides the installment plan service.

What happens if I have a set amount for my payment plan installments, then I charge items during the semester?

Any changes made to the payment plan balance will cause an increase or decrease in the remaining payments to cover the new balance. You will be required to agree to this change before making the payment.

How will I know when my payment is due with the installment plan?

We post the dates here on the website and CashNet will send payment reminders.

What happens if I miss a payment in my installment plan?

You will be charged a $10 late fee by CashNet once the payment becomes 15 days late. If two consecutive payments are missed, you will be removed from the payment plan and charged any applicable late fees.

Why is USM creating this payment policy?

Other universities in the state and region require students to pay their balances in full or enroll in a payment plan with the first installment due prior to the start of classes. This policy ensures students are fully aware of the costs for each semester and that they are prepared to pay them before starting the semester. This helps students avoid debt they cannot manage.

Where can I get information about my financial aid?

Visit the Office of Financial Aid in 101 Kennard Washington Hall.

Is there a place I can find more information about scholarships I can apply for?

Yes! Please visit the Office of Undergraduate Scholarships page to learn more and be sure to register in the Golden Opportunities scholarship system.

What if I am selected for verification after I complete my FAFSA by the deadline? Will my aid not be considered in my bill for the fall semester?

To be considered in your payment calculation, all documentation (including verification paperwork) must be received by Financial Aid no later than December 1, 2019.

What is the best way to pay if I am an international student?

Please visit our International Wire Transfers page for more information.

What if there is an overpayment on my account?

Please visit our Refunds page for more information regarding student refunds.

What if a check used for payment is returned by the bank?

Please visit Returned Check Fee.

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