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We are a team of professionals dedicated to helping students and alumni succeed in their professional development and careers.  In addition to career mentoring, we help students find jobs and internships today that prepare them for their career. We help students build their résumé, cover letter, practice interviews, and ultimately find their entry-level job.   

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The Career Services office has an extensive resource center containing information on all things related to your major or chosen career. Books, files, periodicals - we have it all!

Here you can find information on graduate schools, employer profiles, job search skills and techniques, salary/job demand information and employer directories.

You will also find more references on interviews, resumes, and information specific to your major or field. Even if you don't have a major, here you'll find resources showing you different jobs you can get with various majors.

We routinely present to classes and teach students valuable career skills. We also host workshops in our office. To schedule a presentation from our office, click here.

Employers who are looking to fill open positions within their company come on campus and conduct interviews with students. Students - you can sign up for an interview on Handshake.

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Cooperative Education (Co-ops)

The Cooperative Education Program affords the student the opportunity to gain a complete education with periods of work related to the student’s major. The Cooperative Education coordinator assists in connecting with meaningful jobs that will give the student practical work experience and financial support to aid in his or her education.

The Cooperative Education coordinator will determine a student’s eligibility to participate in the program. Each student’s record of performance will be periodically reviewed once an active participant, and he or she may be placed on probation or removed from the program if failing to meet minimum requirements.

Employer Co-op Handbook (PDF)      


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Career Services
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