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Job Location and Development (Student Employment) is a program administered through Southern Miss Career Services dedicated to helping students find part-time off-campus employment opportunities.

TEAMTogether Everyone Achieves More

* Earn money to supplement living costs while enrolled. 

* Build resume with relevant professional experience 

* Develop useful skills that can benefit you in future employment. 

* Get ahead in the job market by connecting with employers and building a network of contacts. 

* Gain work experience before receiving your degree. 

Handshake is our online career center database that allows you to search for all part-time employment needs such as on-campus jobs (wage and work-study), off-campus jobs, temporary jobs, summer jobs, and full-time opportunities.

In Handshake you are able to:

Search jobs using your specific criteria.
Get more information about the job(s). 
Learn how to apply for the jobs of your choosing.
Create, and save searches.
Create email alerts for new opportunities using your specific criteria.

We do not place students in a job, we only provide information about job availability. It is up to the student to apply and follow up with the position.

Click here to access Handshake!

  • Click the access 'Handshake' button above  
  • Click the blue “The University of Southern Mississippi” button

For on campus access:

  • A window will pop-up asking for your login information.
  • Type “w” and your student ID number (example: w123456) and your SOAR password

OR For off campus access:

  • Type first name.last name email (example: click next
  • Then enter your SOAR password and click Sign in

You will need to verify your email to sign in.

  • Update your information in “My Profile” on the left
  • Upload a current professional resume
  • Clicking 'Build Profile from Resume' will automatically populate your education and work experience from your resume to your profile
  • Add any organization/extracurricular, relevant courses, and projects to complete your profile
  • Make your profile viewable by clicking 'Make Profile Public to Employers'

Jobs classified as “Job, Part-time” are available to any and all students. These jobs are located off campus and also vary in salary, beginning at minimum wage. The benefits of working off campus are a higher salary, and more working hours (you are not limited to 20 hours per week). There are a tremendous amount of employment opportunities in the community, everything from babysitting to clerical work and manual labor to food service. 

Odd Jobs are temporary positions. Employers and residents contact the JLD office looking for candidates. An email is sent out to all students. Students are required to contact the employer by preferred method. These positions usually last no longer than a week although in some cases the student can make it a continued position. Odd jobs are a great way to earn quick cash. 

Job Location and Development serves only as a referral service and it not responsible for any problems incurred as a result of such job referral.

You have access to all job postings through Handshake link above.  


·         Check Handshake to see if the job is in the system. If it is not, it very well could be fraudulent

·         Be cautious if the email does not use a company domain

·         Never give your confidential information out

·         Never use your own money for business purposes

·         Do not cash or deposit employer funds in your account to conduct their business


Please consult with Career Services staff if you have questions regarding a job posting before applying.

If you need further assistance, please contact Career Services at 601.266.4153

  • Don't wait.
  • Be familiar with the attributes employers seek during the application/interview process.
  • Ask to speak to the manager when you turn in an application. Introducing yourself will always leave a good impression.
  • Be on time for your interview. It is best to be early.
  • Bring a resumé. If you take the job seriously, they will take you seriously.
  • Be professional in appearance. Wear neat and clean attire.
  • Clearly communicate why you should be considered for the job.
  • Convey excitement and a positive attitude about the position.
  • Let them know what you have gained and learned from past work experience if you have it.
  • FOLLOW UP!!!  After an appropriate amount of time, call and follow up with the manager, or whoever you interview with. Do not expect them to get back to you. Most of the time persistence pays.

The University of Southern Mississippi offers students equal access to all educational and programmatic activities that the university sponsors.  Students and employees participating in any University-sponsored program – including exchange programs, study abroad, cooperative learning experiences, field placement internships or student teaching – retain all rights and privileges in these off-campus experiences.   Similarly, they also are responsible for all university codes of conduct, including consensual relationships, alcohol use, etc. 

Employees and students who believe they are being treated differently in these settings because of age, race, color, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability status may contact the USM Office of Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity for assistance. This office may be contacted in the following ways:

Email the director at:  affirmativeactionFREEMississippi

Call the office at: 601-266-6118

Visit our website at: Affirmative-Action-Equal-Employment

Stop by the office at: 310 McLemore Hall on the Hattiesburg campus


April 18th - Money Moves, 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., Union Room B - Mastering Your Financial Destiny Through Career Planning. An interactive workshop on how career planning can help you achieve your financial goals.

The Part-Time Job Fair will is held each Fall semester. It is a great opportunity for Southern Miss students interested in part-time employment to interact with employers. The Part-Time Job Fair  features local employers with part-time openings. Representatives from these companies will accept job applications in real-time and interact with several students eager to seek employment opportunities!

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Twitter and Instagram: @usmstudentwork


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