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Students and Alumni

From college to career, our office is here. 

Career Services is available to assist you in your career preparation needs.




Ask Anna your career-related questions, then look for answers to your questions, under FAQs button below.  Ask Anna is completely anonymous.

Q:  Hello Anna! Would you recommend posting resumes on LinkedIn?

A:  Resumes:  Should They Be LinkedIn . . . or Out? That is an awesome question and one that I’m sure many students want to know the answer. If you have a profile on LinkedIn, it is actually an online form of your resume.  A strong profile on LinkedIn is definitely recommended. You can also upload your resume, but that may raise some privacy issues.  In most instances, you are making your resume public when you upload it through your profile page.  Consider first, developing a detailed networking strategy. That way, even if you upload your resume, you can make it private and send the URL to recruiters that you select.  Or, you can choose not to upload it, and send your resume as an attachment to posts when you apply for specific positions.  In deciding which option is best for you, remember your job chances increase when you tweak each resume for each job, while still allowing it to mirror your profile.


Q:  Anna, can one resume be used when applying for multiple jobs?

A:  Resumes Are Like Shopping. Think of your resume as if you were buying an outfit for several special occasions.  Let’s say you need to go to a graduation, a birthday, and a wedding.  Would you want to wear the same thing to each?  In the same manner, you should select key words and phrases that ‘look good’ to each employer.  Highlight your experiences and skill sets so that an employer sees you as the ‘perfect fit’ for his/her particular position.  For example, maybe you are a public relations major looking for a professional job in your field.  You apply to two jobs.  One job is looking for someone who can respond to news media inquiries using video and audio.  The other job calls for someone who can edit websites.  You have experience in both areas, but your resume does not showcase your website skills in a prominent position.  The second employer scans your resume and misses your website qualifications completely.  What are your odds of getting an interview with the second employer?  Exactly.  One resume does not fit all.


Q:  Hey Anna. How do internships work?  Do I look for internships like normal jobs or is it something I have to go through USM to do?

A:  Internship 101?  Here’s the 411. I really like this question a lot, because I think many students don’t know who to ask about internships.  Obtaining an internship (or pathway experience), is a great way to receive real-world, work experience while gaining a glimpse into your future profession.  Internships typically last for a short duration, but can boost your resume and tip the scales in helping you secure a good job in the future.  Some departments on campus require internships, and credit is given just like a class. Regardless, all students can benefit from internship experience, and it can be independent of your school or department.  Some internships pay and others do not. To search for an internship, you can go to almost any job search and type in ‘internship’.  Want to increase your chances of landing an impressive internship?  Check out our Online Resources, including Handshake and Career Shift.  You can also plan to attend one of our upcoming Career Events (listed above) in the fall or spring.  For additional information and individual guidance, contact The Center for Pathway Experiences at USM pathwaysFREEMississippi.


Employers will use Handshake to post jobs, review resumes, and connect with students to fill job and intern opportunities.

Make the most of your Handshake account.

Use SOAR credentials to log in. Students should not create a new account.
Be sure your Handshake profile is complete, and up to date.
Submit your resume for a critique with Career Services for review.
Upload a resume to Handshake.
Final step, make sure employers are able to see you by setting your privacy to Employers, or Community (follow steps below).

Use your Handshake account.

The tabs across the very top of your Handshake profile help you navigate easily throughout your resources!
Jobs – You can create and save multiple searches, and even create email alerts for jobs you may be interested in.
Events – All events, through Career Services, are listed here.
Q&A – You can search for FAQs, and ask questions about all things career related.
Students – You can search and see other student’s profiles to discover how to best market yourself.
Messages – Here you will see system messages, such as job opportunities that match your profile.
Career Center – This tab focuses on the university's profile, events and contact information for Career Services.
Resources tab - find a digital version of our Career Guide, and links to our online resources.
First Destination - survey link for graduating seniors focusing on where you are going, and what you are doing next. Confidential submission.
Surveys - tab is where we could post surveys for your opinions and needs.

View and change your profile.

Edit your profile by clicking on your initials in the top right corner of your profile and use the menu: 
Documents - allows you to edit, upload, and delete documents as necessary.
Applications - track applications or interviews through the system.
Settings & Privacy - make your profile searchable and visible to employers, and other students.


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