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School of Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Security

About Us

Welcome to The School of Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, and Security at The University of Southern Mississippi.  In existence since the mid 1970’s, we are home to more than 500 students who have selected criminal justice or forensic science as their academic major.  Criminal justice and forensic science are exciting fields of study offering our students contemporary, competitive and challenging educational opportunities.  We are committed to offering our students an educational experience which will prepare them for employment, graduate school or professional education such as law school. 

We offer distinctive degree programs in criminal justice and forensic science designed to equip our students with the foundation necessary to excel within the modern justice system and utilize the latest technology and instrumentation to make incredible advancements in the investigation, prosecution, and understanding of crime.  Our graduates are well-prepared for careers in the diverse dimensions of law enforcement and policing, forensic science, juvenile justice, corrections, probation and parole, investigations, loss prevention, victim services and judicial administration.  While at USM, our students are strongly encouraged to become engaged in campus and civic life, volunteer opportunities, student organizations, and internships in order to make their collegiate experiences as meaningful as possible.

For those who desire specialization in criminal justice, we offer the bachelor’s and master’s degree.   The forensic science undergraduate degree is unique and allows students to select from four emphasis areas:  anthropology, biological sciences, chemistry and biochemistry, and criminal justice.  Each emphasis area is designed to provide students with specialization in a particular dimension of forensic science.   The combination of criminal justice and forensic science within one academic unit provides our students with a competitive edge and allows a course of study specifically tailored to fulfill individual goals and objectives while meeting the expectations of a competitive job market.

Our faculty are prominent scholars in their respective areas and bring both academic and applied experience to the classroom.  Through lecture, online and seminar courses, our faculty strive to cultivate knowledge, understanding and analytical skills in our students.  Faculty also serve as academic advisors and mentors for students enrolled in our programs.  A critical corps of part-time and adjunct instructors augments our full-time faculty and allows us to place recognized and respected professionals in the classroom. 

We invite you to visit the remaining areas of our website for additional information regarding our degree programs, faculty and student resources.  Or, please consider a campus visit where prospective students may tour our teaching and laboratory facilities and meet with our faculty and staff.  We look forward to seeing you soon at Southern Miss!

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School of Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, and Security

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School of Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Security

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