Mississippi Statistical Analysis Center

The Mississippi Statistical Analysis Center was created by executive order of Governor Ronnie Musgrove in October of 2000. The mission of the MS-SAC is to provide sound statistical information in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the state’s criminal justice system.


Current MS-SAC Research:

Currently the MS-SAC is completing a 2-year analysis of the state's drug court programs in order to assess efficacy and longevity. The drug court evaluation is an update to the 2007 evaluation which was also performed by MS-SAC in conjunction with USM School of Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Security. 

Additionally, the MS-SAC is conducting a census of the state's nearly 400 law enforcement agencies as an update to the 2003 census conducted by USM School of Criminal Justice, Forensic Science and Security. It is slated for distribution in early 2018.  


Previous MS-SAC Research:

2013-2014 Perceptions of Defendants with Mental Illness

2008-2009 Results of the Mississippi Crime Poll

2007-2008 Disproportionate Minority Contact

2006-2007 Mississippi Drug Courts

MS-SAC Director

Dr. Charlie Scheer

(601) 266-4516



For more information, please visit http://mssac.org/