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Educator Programs

Karnes Center Educator Programs

Online Educator Development Program

Let the Karnes Center help you build your skills to meet the needs of your gifted, high-ability, 2E, and neurodiverse learners.

  • The Karnes Center's Educator Development Program (EDP) enhances the ability of educators to meet the needs of gifted, high-ability, twice-exceptional (2E), and other neurodiverse learners. 
  • Classes are being developed at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels for teachers who have already added their gifted endorsement to a valid educator license. 
  • A special section of classes will meet the needs of educators who are serving gifted students in the general classroom and for those who are interested in pursuing gifted education licensure, but do not yet have a gifted endorsement. 
  • Self-paced foundations courses, interactive seminars, and leadership workshops make up each level of the EDP. 
  • Click here to learn more about the EDP.

Karnes Center Ambassadors

Influence your world with the Karnes Ambassadors Program.

  • Karnes Center Ambassadors are educators who have completed a recommended path through the EDP and who want to broaden their influence in the community. 
  • Ambassador candidates must complete the EDP with 85% mastery or higher and interview for an open position on the Ambassador team. 
  • Ambassadors take two specialized classes beyond the EDP that prepare them as action research partners with the Karnes Center. 
  • In addition, Ambassadors will be considered first for any openings in the Karnes Center's summer program staff, will have the opportunity to co-present with Karnes Center staff at conferences, and may be selected as curriculum writers for Karnes Center PK-12 Programs. 
  • Click here to learn more about the Ambassadors Program.

In-Person Professional Development

Join us in September or June for In-Person Professional Development Sessions.

  • DAY OF SHARING  Each fall, the Karnes Center hosts the Day of Sharing for Teachers that welcomes  educators from around the state to learn from experts in the field, have hands-on learning experiences with new resources, and network with other teachers to find solutions to common concerns of gifted learners. 
  • MAKING CONNECTIONS CONFERENCE GIFTED STRAND  The Karnes Center proudly partners with SRESA and the College of Education and Human Sciences to bring multiple guest speakers to the annual Making Connections Conference.  Each year, at least five break-out sessions at MCC are focused specifically on gifted education.
  • Click here to access materials provided at the most recent MCC Conference. 
  • Look for Karnes Center Opportunities with SRESA.

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