Overview of Faculty Senate

The Senate shall provide for the faculty both a forum and a voice and so allow it to assert for the general welfare of the university its distinctive viewpoint and principles. As duly elected representatives of the faculty, the Senate shall act on matters relating to due process, governance, resource allocation, and university planning.


As a key partner in university governance, the Senate shall have responsibility for

  1. facilitating meaningful input regarding matters of faculty concern;
  2. advising on policy, development, planning and budgeting, resource allocation, and operations of the university;
  3. ensuring faculty representation to all relevant university committees, boards, and task forces administering the affairs of the university.

Shared governance is the responsibility of the Faculty Senate, other faculty bodies, the faculty as a whole, and the administration. As a partner in governance, the Senate is entitled to be informed by the university administration in a timely matter of the disposition of any matters, recommendations, or motions made to the administration by the Senate.


- Section 1.1.2 of Bylaws of the Faculty Senate