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Instructional Practices to Promote Well-being

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This is a collection of instructional strategies and suggestions from the Center for Faculty Development that help promote students' well-being.


Instructional Practices to Foster Belonging and Inclusion

  • ACUE Inclusive Teaching Practices Toolkit
    Creating more inclusive and welcoming learning environments for all students requires more than just goodwill; it takes effort on the part of every higher education professional.

  • How to Provide a Multicultural Education
    Multicultural education involves more than reading a book about a historical character of color or celebrating a holiday surrounding a diverse hero. It includes policies, practices, and pedagogical approaches that affirm students’ differences and intersectionality. 

  • Guidance for Reporting and Writing About Racism 
    Guidance for writers encountering common questions when reporting and writing about race—from seemingly small decisions around word choice to more conceptual questions regarding how we perceive others.