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English - Master's and Doctorate

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Study English across Fields: Creative, Critical, and Composition

The English Graduate program in the School of Humanities offers both MA and Ph.D. degrees, with emphasis in literature or creative writing. Both provide engaged course and workshop experiences, making for a lively and dynamic intellectual environment. Our programs make available the unique possibilities for scholarly and creative growth, offering classes and public forums on craft and criticism while proudly highlighting the advantages of literary scholars and creative writers studying alongside one another.

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25+Graduate Faculty
8Graduate Student Awards & Scholarship
5Professional Journals

Literary Study or Creative Writing, Or Both

With dedicated Graduate Faculty across primary fields of literary studies, the programs allow graduate students to either specialize in one of these fields or pursue broad preparation as a generalist. Our graduate programs pay particular attention to professional development, including scholarly and creative publishing. With its dual emphases in literature and creative writing, we offer students a uniquely hybrid experience where emerging writers and critics study alongside one another and work with specialist in either fields, preparing student for creative, academic, and professional careers.

Dr. Emily Stanback, Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Stanback works at the intersections of British Romantic literature, disability studies, and the histories of medicine and science. Her book, The Wordsworth-Coleridge Circle and the Aesthetics of Disability (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017) argues the importance of disability awareness to authors of Wordsworth-Coleridge circle. She is co-curator of The Gravestone Project, a digital humanities project, and co-founder of The Keats Letters Project, which publishes critical and creative responses to the letters of poet John Keats.


Degree Plan Availability
English (Creative Writing) PhDHattiesburg
English (Literature) PhDHattiesburg
English (Accelerated BA to MA) MAHattiesburg
English (Creative Writing) MAHattiesburg
English (English Education) MAHattiesburg
English (Literature) MAHattiesburg

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  • Educator: University to Secondary School
  • Academic and University Press Publishing
  • Professional Creative Writer
  • Higher Education Administrator
  • Creative & Professional Journal Editor
  • Technical or Professional Writer
  • Sara Lewis, 2017, 
     Associate Editor, the Oxford American
  • Andrea Spofford, 2013, 
     Associate Professor of English, Austin Peay State University
  • Susan Elliott, 2016, 
    Marketing Manager, New Capital Partners
  • Sarah Wynn, 2013, 
    Director of McNair Program, University of Wisconsin-Stout
  • Laura Hakala, 2015,
    Assistant Professor of English, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
  • Michael Farris Smith, 2002,
    Author of The Fighter, Desperation Road, and Rivers