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Community Life

The community life committee is focused on building a sense of community among and relationships between Honors College students. The community life committee will help create a sense of pride in Honors College membership and be responsible for posting and spreading the word of the HC events and functions. Additionally, this committee will create programs/events that encourage social awareness and consciousness, staying informed about current events and facilitating plans for social action. 

Student, Vivienne Cookmeyer

Vivienne Cookmeyer  

Public Relations


Julia Hanson

Biological Sciences (Biomedical Sciences)

Olivia Knight

Health Science (Health Care Science)

Olivia Ladner

English and World Languages (French)

Coraliz Martinez

Medical Laboratory Science

Sarah Grace Mitchell

Chemistry (Biochemistry)

Erin Owens

Biological Sciences (Biomedical Science)

Angela Pedersen

International Business

Hannah Sawyer

Political Science

Phoebe Waters

Political Science

Katie Weber






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