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First Year Mentors

Mentors are vital in the transition for first year students. Mentors are responsible for developing a relationship with first-year mentees. They create a space to help student’s transition into college life and lead their cohort and help their cohort develop meaningful relationships. Mentors also serve as peer advisors and encourage their mentees to develop holistically.

Student, Wryleigh Shearin-Anderson

Wryleigh Shearin-Anderson

Criminal Justice and Psychology


Anastasija Cobanovic


Marissa Gandolfo-Muller

Forensics (Biological Sciences)

Robert Brent

Media and Entertainment Arts (Sound and Recording)

Klaria Holmes


Thuy-Vy "Lillian" Pham

Biological Sciences (Biomedical Sciences)

Allison Sheppard


William "Coleman" Swartzfager

Marine Biology

Garrett Tassin

Biological Sciences (Biomedical Sciences)

Emma Tolliver

Health Science (Health Care)

Patterson White

Biological Sciences

Joshua Cooper

Exploratory Studies

Ashley Lankford

Communication Studies

Andrew Sheets

International Business

Anhthu "Ann" Truong

Biological Sciences (Biomedical Sciences)

Courtney Wyant

Chemistry (Biochemistry)

Kailee Blackledge








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