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Medallion 2024

Spring 2024

  • New staff introductions: Rebecca Tuuri, Mary Beard, Kelli Sellers, Helen Greene
  • The Loft
  • Alumni Spotlight: Byron Glick
  • Featured students: Jaramie Posey, Maddie Moresi, Morgan Wilson, Anza Ali
  • Music City Memories
  • Seminar Highlight: Religion and Empire
  • Eagle SPUR grant: Liz Wynne


The Medallion 2023


Spring 2023

  • New staff introductions: Vivian O'Neal, Jessica James-Prince, Kyle Ethridge
  • Graduating with a gold cap
  • Featured students: Oliver Young, Jason Ang, Kenning Bridges, Robbie McDonald
  • Study Abroad: Patrick Tyson in Peru, Brenna and Laura Renfroe in Korea
  • Colloquium active-learning trips 
  • Honors abroad in Germany
  • The Gilman Scholarship: Lillian Pham

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