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The Probation/Suspension Process

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As the Honors College Student Handbook explains, Honors College probation or suspension can be triggered by a number of factors.  We have established a number of processes to address probation and suspension; these processes enable us to recognize and intervene when a student is struggling and help ensure that the door to graduating from the Honors College remains open for students who experience academic difficulty.


  • Probation does not jeopardize your scholarship or appear anywhere in your official record. It is an internal process only.
  • Probation provides an opportunity for us to intervene, help you determine where you went off track, and find/provide the support you need to fulfill your potential and meet requirements.
  • If you are placed on probation, you will be asked to meet first with the dean and then with your Honors College advisor.
    • At the meeting with the dean, you will develop a Plan for Academic Improvement (PAI) that lays out expectations for the following semester, including the required GPA (e.g., a 3.25 cumulative GPA or a specific semester GPA). Each case is unique, and the PAIs reflect that. 
    • After you and the dean establish the PAI, you will meet with your Honors advisor to discuss how they can support you in meeting these expectations.
  • At the conclusion of the following semester 
    • students who have reached a 3.25 cumulative GPA will return to good academic standing;
    • students whose cumulative GPAs are below 3.25 but who have met the terms of their PAI will remain on probation until their standing is clear;
    • students who fail to reach the terms of their PAI will be suspended.


  • Any student who is suspended from the Honors College has the right to appeal. Appeals are reviewed by a committee of faculty and staff.
  • If a student’s appeal is granted, they will be placed on HC probation and will move through the probationary process as outlined above.
  • While there are occasions where students are placed on suspension immediately, suspension more typically follows probation.

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