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Fall Move-In

fall 2023 move-in

fall 2023 move-in

fall 2023 move-in

Fall 2024 Move-In

Moving onto campus for the fall semester has a lot of moving parts. Check out the steps below that will help you with a smooth check-in process with steps to take before move-in day and on move-in day for fall 2024.

Information below is the most current. Please continue to check back for updates!

Before Move-In day

Step 1 - View Department Handbook

The Department Handbook has all of the information pertaining to Housing and Residence Life. Please review it before arriving on campus so you are aware of what to expect once living at Southern Miss!

Step 2 - Review the Packing Guide

The packing guide has vital information on what to bring versus what to keep at home. Please review this carefully!

Step 3 - Confirm Your Room Assignment

Confirming your room assignment will make it easier for you when arriving on campus since you will need to know what building to go to! You can check your room assignment in the Housing Portal.

Step 4 - View Move-In Maps

These documents are helpful to review before arriving onto campus so you know exactly where to go for move-in. You can check out move-in maps for each residence hall under our resources page or in the Housing Portal.

Step 5 - Check-In Paperwork

Doing your check-in paperwork before move-in will help eliminate an extra step on move-in day! In the Housing Portal, you'll need to review and sign the "Southern Miss Standard" and "Student Data Card."

Step 6 - Move-in Date and Time

Make sure to review your move-in date and time in the Housing Portal! Your date and time is specific to the building and floor you will be moving into!

Step 7 - Print Materials

You'll want to make sure to print move-in labels and a unloading zone pass before arriving onto campus. Move-in labels are helpful so when our staff and move-in volunteers assist with carrying items, they know exactly where to bring them. The parking pass helps us know who is here for move-in. you can find both items in the Housing Portal.

Step 8 - Meet Your Staff

Our Senior Resident Assistants (SRAs), Resident Assistants (RAs) and Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs) are very excited to meet you! Before arriving onto campus, check out some videos from your RA and RLC in the Housing Portal.

On Move-In Day

Step 1 - Drop Off

On your designated move-in day, please head to the unloading zone next to your building based on the parking maps located in the Housing Portal.

When you arrive in the unloading zones, your resident will need to go check in while parents/friends will begin to unload items onto the curb next to the vehicle. Once the student has checked in, they may return to the vehicle to finish removing items from the vehicle.

Once all items are out of the vehicle, the vehicle needs to be moved from the unloading zone to a parking garage/lot close to the building.

Step 2 - Check-In Process

The first step in the check-in process will be to ensure that the student has completed their check-in paperwork. You can find those processes in the Housing Portal.

We ask that all residents complete their paperwork prior to arriving on campus to ensure a quicker move-in process! Once their paperwork has been verified, they will scan the QR code posted by the front desk of their residence hall. New residents will need to check-in at their front desk and scan the QR code posted at the desk.

Once residents are checked-in, they will need to bring their student ID to the front desk to be encoded for their room.

All residents should have their student ID with them at all times to ensure access to their building/room.

Once they have been checked in, items may be moved from the vehicle into the residence hall!

Step 3 - Carts/Dollies

Now that your vehicle has been unloaded and the resident is checked-in, the next step is to start moving items into the room! On move-in day, there will be volunteers and staff there to assist you with moving items, but you may also check out a cart or dolly to make things easier. There will be a table set up with HRL staff where you can sign out a cart or dolly.

Note: There is limited availability with carts and dollies, so we suggest bringing your own to assist you with move-in day so you're not waiting for one to become available!


If you have any questions regarding move-in for Fall 2024, please email us at reslifeFREEMississippi or call us at 601.266.4783 Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., CST and we will be happy to assist you!


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