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Office of Leadership and Student Involvement

Event Planning Checklist

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 *The following is a BASIC checklist for event preparation when planning a large scale event on campus. It is not all inclusive and should be used as a guide. Please contact the Office of Leadership and Student Involvement for more help or if you have any questions. 

Name of the event: _______________________
Date and Time of Event: ___________________

Five or More Weeks Before Event- Goal Setting

  • Define specific goals of program  (cultural, educational, social, community service)
  • Brainstorm program ideas, keeping in mind target audiences
  • Be realistic: Do you have enough “advance time” to make this event a success?

Four or More Weeks Before Event- Program Development

  • Determine the needs/interests the program will serve
  • Determine how this program meets organization’s goals/mission
  • Determine budget for program including any outsource of funds or donations
  • Determine the division of responsibilities within your group and with other groups when appropriate.

Four Weeks Before the Event- Event/Program Registration

  • Submit the Event Request Form on this website. (Located under “Forms & Policies”). You will be contacted by Leadership and Student Involvement to attend a pre-event meeting. This meeting helps ensure you have all the information you need to plan a successful event and follow University policies.
  • Reserve the space for your event by completing the appropriate form or contacting Leadership and Student Involvement for assistance.
  • Identify and secure any speakers, technical requirements, etc.
  • Begin working on an advertising/marketing plan for your event *note: NO advertising can take place until after pre-event meeting and UPD has been secured, if necessary.

Three to Two Weeks Before Event- Catering, Planning meetings

  • Attend pre-event meeting. *Make sure those in attendance are actively participating in the planning process.
  • Take care of payment for security officers, when needed. They are to paid be AT LEAST 2 weeks before event in CASH so plan appropriately. If not paid on time, the ENTIRE event is cancelled.
  • Consult with Eagle Dining or meet further with Leadership and Student Involvement about outside donations for food vendors , if needed.
  • Once UPD is paid, being advertising to all group members and the rest of the campus community you wish to participate in your event. Use our “Ideas for Advertising” tab on the website for ideas and quick links.

One to Two Weeks Before Event- Supplies

  • Coordinate any hospitality needed for performers or speakers, if needed
  • Make sure food is secured, if needed and all food vendor paperwork is turned into Leadership and Student Involvement.
  • Place orders for any equipment needed for event: tables, chairs, technical requirements such as AV, mics, etc.
  • Purchase any non-perishable food needed

One Week Before Event

  • Increase advertising on campus- suggestions include tabling, Facebook groups, Eagle Vision, fliers, posters, etc.
  • Purchase any decorations needed
  • Make sure finances are in order so that any remaining payments that need to be made or paid day of event are taken care of.
  • Create a schedule for members with assignments to go over with them what each person is responsible for leading up the event.

Day Before Event

  • Pick up any final materials/food
  • Pick up wristbands and clickers (if required) from Event Services or Leadership and Student Involvement/Fraternity & Sorority Life
  • Confirm all materials/equipment being delivered for event including food
  • Confirm travel of performers/speakers, if necessary

Day Of Event

  • Arrive on time for set up/decoration
  • Walk through event space to make sure it is set up as needed, materials/equipment/food were delivered, etc.
  • Greet UPD officers, if needed
  • Final push for advertising to get people at your event

After Event

  • Make sure all equipment is picked up and secure and trash is cleaned up. Space should be left as it was found.
  • Pay any outstanding balances.
  • Return clickers to Leadership and Student Involvement within 2 days after event.
  • Take down all advertising/fliers around campus
  • Send thank you notes to speaker/performers, volunteers, and other special people (including any outside funding sources, advisors, etc. )
  • Finalize budget expenditures and cross-check to make sure event came out on budget and is reported to necessary party (treasurer, advisors, etc.).