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Luckyday Scholars


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  • How much is the Luckyday Scholarship?
    The scholarship is $6,000 each year. It is renewable for 3 consecutive years following the first, provided the student meets the GPA requirements each year and maintains good standing with the program. The scholarship is applied to the student's account at Southern Miss, and it is not designated for any particular area (tuition, room and board, etc.). 

  • Is the Luckyday Scholarship stackable with other scholarships?
    The Luckyday Scholarship is stackable with Academic Excellence Scholarships offered through Southern Miss and most other scholarships, with the exception of Presidential or National Merit. Total scholarships taken must not exceed the federal calculated cost of attendance
  • What is required of scholars once they begin the program?  
    • Freshmen and sophomore students must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Juniors and seniors must maintain a GPA of 2.75 or higher. If they fall below this requirement, they will be placed on probation for the semester and meet with program staff. 
    • Students volunteer at least 10 hours per semester starting the spring semester of their freshman year. 
    • All freshmen take a 3 credit-hour course the fall of their first year. This course is a continuation of their introduction to Southern Miss, introduces students to faculty and staff from around campus thus increasing their networks, covers topics in servant leadership, provides opportunities for practicing effective study habits, writing, and discussion skills, and helps form a bond among the members of the freshmen class.
    • All freshmen live in Luckyday Citizenship Hall their first year. This unique residential community allows students to get to know others and helps with the transition away from home and into college. Upperclassmen mentors live among the freshmen, serving as guides and helping to promote positive community living.
    • All scholars attend general semester meetings in the fall and spring to learn about program opportunities related to leadership, service, and community connections.

  • Do scholars need to apply for housing?  
    Yes, housing is required for Luckyday Scholars for the first year. All scholars live in Century Park South in Luckyday Citizenship Hall. Students may begin a housing application once they have been admitted into the University. Visit the Department of Housing and Residence Life website for more information. There is not an additional scholarship from the Luckyday Program given for housing. The initial award of $6,000 scholarship is applied to the student's account for overall cost of attendance needs.

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