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Military Science

Events and Activities

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In USM Army ROTC, it’s not all classroom and field training. There are many opportunities for you to take part in the cadet life. Learn more about these events and activities below.

Ranger Challenge

Every year, 6th Brigade Seminoles host Ranger Challenge at Ft. Benning Georgia around mid October. The event consist of a ten person team who are physically and mentally challenged over the course of three days. The teams will learn valuable lessons of leadership and teamwork throughout each event.

Military Ball

This is a formal event held every year and all cadets are required to attend and may bring a date. It consist of a change of command ceremony, dinner, words of wisdom from a guest speaker, and a social gathering afterward. More information on etiquette will be provided to you by the Battalion Staff.

Dining In

This is a formal event generally held in the spring that all cadets are required to attend. It includes a ceremony of grog, a drink that commemorates soldiers of the past, dinner, and a skit presentation by all classes. During the dinner, novelty punishments are given to cadets for
uniform discrepancies or etiquette violations.

Color Guard

Earning a place on the Color Guard team means that you will have the honor of presenting the national and state flag at several events. Events include the military ball, dining in, football games, basketball games, and any other event, that may arise. Positions on the Color
guard include two riflemen, a state flag carrier, and an American flag carrier. If you would like to participate in Color Guard contact the Cadet CSM.

Staff Ride 

Staff ride is a annual spring event where MSIV cadets to learn about historical military operations. Cadets research the battles and present to their fellow classmen on various aspects of the maneuver. Following this, both classes travel to the site of the battle to discuss it.

Recruiting and ROTC 

Apart from being in shape and a good officer; all U.S. Army Officers and soldiers and Army ROTC cadets are recruiters. Whether you are wearing your uniform on campus or an ROTC t-shirt to a football game you are a billboard and recruiter for the U.S. Army and Army ROTC. When you wear any information or uniforms relating to the U.S. Army, you become a representative of the Army and Army ROTC and should always present yourself properly and professionally. You are our key representative on campus.

Scabbard and Blade

Scabbard and Blade is a joint service honor society that unites cadets and midshipmen from over the nation in military excellence. The Society strives to better these cadets as future officers and to strengthen the joint service relationship through service to the community and leadership opportunities. Goals include; to promote scholarship within our military departments and throughout our Society, unite in closer relationship their military departments, encourage and foster the essential qualities of good and efficient officers, promote friendship and good fellowship among the cadet officers, promote an understanding of joint and multi-national operations and strategic thought, and to disseminate knowledge of military affairs to the students and people of the country.