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Department of Military Science

Department of Military Science & Leadership

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Scientists and teachers, business leaders and policy makers, and officers for the US Army. USM and its Army ROTC program prepare students to be innovators and leaders for the 21st century. We produce lieutenants for the active Army, the National Guard, and the US Army Reserves. Each component has 16 branches that cater to multiple interests, including infantry, military intelligence, aviation, engineering, armor and medical services corps. Warriors wanted, each with a breadth of perspective who:

  • Demonstrate a capacity for excellence
  • Confident they will be competent Army leaders because of the rigor of the program
  • Committed to the Army for the duration and open-minded about further service


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When you become part of the Army ROTC, you're not just working toward a diploma, but an even brighter future as a leader alongside other motivated Cadets.



Find Your Warrior as a Cadet in the Golden Eagle BN

Our courses develop individual leadership and group problem-solving skills, plus you get to experience the out-of-classroom labs that get you adventuring outdoors including: Rappelling, rifle marksmanship, obstacle courses, and land navigation. Contracted students can also participate in adventure training in airborne, air assault and mountain warfare training schools.



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The high school Four-Year Scholarship is for high school students planning on attending a four-year college program. You can also recieve a 3-year Advanced Designee scholarship, which means that your scholarship money wouldn't kick in until your sophomore year.

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Did you know that Federal Tuition Assistance helps cover 15-18 undergraduate or graduate credit hours per academic year based on your branch of service? Approved TA course hours will be paid with your Federal Tuition Assistance and the TA Gap Funding Program from USM!

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College of Business Events


12:00 am

Revelry 2024 at Multiple Locations

Experience the vibrant showcase of artistic talent of the School of Performing and Visual Arts (SPVA), during this multi-arts festival, featuring the remarkable creations of both faculty and students. With over 40 events, this festival highlights the diverse and dynamic expressions emerging from SPVA. From master classes and workshops to guest and visiting artists, as well as family-friendly events and formal productions, there's something for everyone. For a complete schedule of events, visit


2:00 pm

The Seagull, or How to Eat It by Gab Reisman at Gilbert F. Hartwig Theatre

Anton Chekhov’s classic play gets reinvented by emerging playwright (and 2022 Playwrights Series guest) Gab Reisman in hilarious and contemporary ways.


3:00 pm

City of Hattiesburg Big Band at Marsh Auditorium

Get ready to swing to the rhythm of the City of Hattiesburg Big Band! Join us for an afternoon filled with the soulful sounds of jazz. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy timeless classics and modern favorites performed by a talented ensemble. See you there!


6:00 pm

Piano Recital at Marsh Auditorium

This recital will feature piano students from the University of Southern Mississippi.


12:00 am

GCRL Science Cafe Virtual and In-person at GCRL Campus

Please join us for this hybrid GCRL Science Café In person at the GCRL Campus in the Caylor Building, Room 104 Zoom link: Webinar ID: 819 9901 1694 Visit our website: Presented by: Calvin Martin, USM SOSE Marine Science (Hydrography) Instructor Paul Frye, USM SOSE Marine Science (Hydrography) Graduate Assistant Join us for an illuminating presentation by Calvin Martin, USM Professor, and Paul Frye, USM Graduate Assistant, as they unveil the findings of a comprehensive Hydrographic Survey conducted at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Harbor and Approaches. The project was conducted by University of Southern Mississippi Hydrographic Science students as part of their senior capstone project; this endeavor aimed to fulfill the rigorous standards set by the International Hydrographic Organization for Category B Certification. It will be a deep dive into the intricacies of hydrography, exploring the methodologies employed and challenges encountered during this survey. From state-of-the-art equipment utilization to meticulous data analysis, discover how these aspiring hydrographers navigated the complexities of coastal mapping to enhance navigational safety in the Gulf Coast region. Cookies, coffee, and other treats are complimentary. Masks are available. Special “Thanks” to the sponsor of the Science Café, MS-AL Sea Grant, and USM’s Marine Education Center for tech support.

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