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Golden Eagle Free Tuition Program

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USM and Mississippi National Guard

Announce Tuition-Free Program

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The Golden Eagle FTP benefits Mississippi National Guard (MSNG) Members (Army and Airforce) attending The University of Southern Mississippi as full-time (12 Semester Hours) students. Qualifying students must apply for State Education Assistance Program (SEAP) or Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA), depending on their qualifications, as early as possible to ensure MSNG and Southern Miss has adequate time for processing.

Financial Benefits

Federal Tuition Assistance for MOSQ $4,000 per yr/1 yr
State Education Assistance Program for MSARNG $4,500 for non MOSQ
USM Free Tuition Program  
MGIB  $392.00 Per Month for MOSQ
MGIB Kicker  $350.00 Per Month for
MOSQ Contracted
ROTC stipend $420.00 per Month
Promotion to SGT/E5 Grade at Unit        
(Wear Cadet Rank)
Monthly Drill Pay  $297.54 Per Month
Two Weeks Annual Training Pay                 $1,300 Per Year
Earn Retirement Points  
Eligible for TRICARE Medical and SGLI Insurance  
NON-Deployable once contracted  

MSNG Member Responsibilities:

  1. Qualify for SEAP or FTA
  2. Notify the USM Business office of intent to participate in this program by completing the FTP form
  3. Complete FAFSA and
  4. Apply for State Aid as early as possible (For those enrolled in less than 15 Semester Hours, NO application for State Aid is necessary)
  5. Enroll in a full-time undergraduate status (of at least 12 semester hours)
  6. Have no flags for adverse actions
  7. Cannot be within a year of Expiration of Term of Service (ETS) or Mandatory Removal Date (MRD)
  8. Maintain a 2.0 GPA to remain eligible
  9. Visit or make email connection with USM Business Office
  10. Turn this completed form in to USM Business Office or Veteran Representative prior to the Tuition payment deadline each semester

FTP Form