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Center for Military Veterans, Service Members and Families

TA Gap Funding Program

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The University of Southern Mississippi is covering the gap between Federal Tuition Assistance and remaining course tuition for TA-approved hours. Military Students who qualify for Federal Tuition Assistance can have the remainder of their TA-approved hours covered through our TA Gap Funding Program.

Did you know that Federal Tuition Assistance helps cover 15-18 credit hours per academic year based on your branch of service? Approved TA course hours will be paid with your Federal Tuition Assistance and the TA Gap Funding Program from USM!

Through the TA Gap Funding Program, USM is striving to serve those who deserve it most: our military community. Our University is ranked a top Military Friendly University and received Gold Standards as a Military Friendly School. Our Center for Military Veterans, Service Members and Families is dedicated to serving the military community on and off of campus. From application, scholarships, tutoring, and job placement, we are ready to help you get started on this next chapter!

The Details

To use the TA Gap Funding Program, your branch of service must approve you for Federal Tuition 

Complete your application in accordance with the procedures of your service branch.

Once you’ve completed your FTA application, you will need to notify the Center by completing the 
following forms: Mississippi National Guard Form and/or the Federal Tuition Assistance Form.

Any student that desires to use Federal Tuition Assistance and the TA Gap Funding Program is required 
to email your paperwork to the Center at VAFREEMississippi

The TA Gap Funding Program will cover the difference between course credit tuition and approved FTA 
courses. No refunds or overpayments will be issued to the student from this funding. If the University does not receive Federal Tuition Assistance benefits for the student or a student withdraws/drops approved courses after funds are administered, the student will be billed and  responsible for repaying the University.

The TA Gap Funding will be awarded once Business Services receives notice of your FTA approved amount, which is dependent on your branch of service and the timing of your application. Some branches may require the completion of 19% of classes before notifying the University, which could be up to 21 days after the start of the semester. If your balance exceeds the cost of your TA-approved course tuition and until your TA credits are verified, you will need to enroll in the University’s payment plan.

TA Rates and Rules by Branch

To view what the FTA rates and rules are by your branch of service, visit!

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