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Start Using Your VA Educational Benefits!

We are honored you have chosen Southern Miss and look forward to guiding you on your journey to activate your VA Educational Benefits.

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GI Bill® Information

The President signed into law the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act also known as the “Forever GI Bill,” which will bring significant changes to Veterans education benefits. The law is named after the American Legion national commander who wrote the original GI Bill language in 1944, and will allow more Veterans to use the GI Bill and more time to use it. Some of the changes will go into effect immediately, and some are written to go into effect shortly after...Please click here to read more from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website.   

Follow the link to view our Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Guidance

Joint Services Transcript for Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard

All veterans and service members of the Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard who are active duty, National Guard or Reserve can order an official transcript through the Joint Services Transcript online system or fill out the Joint Services Transcript Permission Request Form and we'll request it for you.

Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) for Air Force
All veterans and service members of the Air Force who are active duty, National Guard or Reserve can order an official transcript through the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) online system.

Official transcripts should be mailed to:
The University of Southern Mississippi
Office of the University Registrar
118 College Drive #5006
Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001

  • Fax: 601.266.5816. Verify if fax received @ 601.266.5006.
  • In person in Hattiesburg: Kennard-Washington Hall (map), Room 110

Military-Eligible applicants who are engaged in or honorably discharged from active duty in the United States Armed Services including academically eligible current or surviving spouse and dependent children, including stepchildren, would receive an exception of the non-resident surcharge. The student does not have to be using the GI Bill to receive this exception.

Students who qualify for an exception of the non-resident surcharge should:

  • Complete and submit the Veteran, Service Member, Dependent, Spouse Non-Resident Tuition Exception form only ONCE. This form is exclusively required for the out of state charge on your account. 
  • If you are the Veteran or Service Member and using one of the GI Bill benefits then all that would be needed is your Certificate of Eligibility along with the exception form.
  • If the applicant is a spouse or dependent and using Chapter 33 - Transfer of Entitlement or Chapter 35 - DEA, a Certificate of Eligibility would be all that is needed along with the exception form.
  • If the GI Bill is not being used then be sure to secure the required documentation.

Tuition Assistance

Complete your application in accordance with the procedures of your service branch. TA eligible Service members must receive approval from an education Services Officer (ESO) or counselor within the Military Service prior to enrolling.

Generally, TA recipients are eligible to receive up to $250 per semester hour with a fiscal annual maximum of $4,500.  Each Service determines their own eligibility requirements.  Service Members are directed to utilize the following Service specific links below to apply for TA.

  • After you have contacted your ESO, follow their direction on requesting FTA. 
  • Login to complete the FTA application. Below are the links to the websites that connect to the appropriate FTA portal.
  • After completing the application, if eligible, the appropriate Military Service will approve your FTA request.
  • Provide and/or verify that your approved FTA has been received by Business Services for processing.


Tuition Assistance Top-Up Program

The Armed Forces Tuition Assistance benefits, active-duty service members may also be eligible for the Tuition Top-Up Program, which allows those eligible for Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty (MGIB-AD) and Post 9/11 benefits to receive supplemental funding to pay for tuition and fees not covered by their respective TA program. Please access the following link to lean more - Tuition Assistance - Top Up.

In addition, students may also receive federal financial aid while receiving VA educational benefits provided they meet the eligibility requirements. To apply or receive more information, please access the following link -

The University of Southern Mississippi offers Tutorial Assistance through university resources. For additional information contact the VA Certifying Official at VAFREEMississippi or by phone:

  • Hattiesburg Campus - 601-264-4629
  • Gulf Park Campus - 228-214-3244

The VA also offers Tutorial Assistance. For additional information please click here.

The Hattiesburg Campus offers a limited library of textbooks that can be loaned out to Military Veterans, Service Members and their Families.


  • You must present your USM Student ID and Military documentation
  • Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA

The proper documentation must be filled out at the time the book is loaned. Email VAFREEMississippi if you have any questions.    

We ask that you keep us updated with your most current information. We are interested in your success and the success of all Veteran Students and their Families. This form is intended only for graduating Veterans and Service Members. 

The Consent to Release of Student Information form must be completed and submitted before information can be released to a third party. 

  • Benefits Intake Form (required every semester)
  • VA Parent Letter (only when attending another institution)
  • Military Residency Exception Request Form (non-MS resident)
  • Certificate of Eligibility (not required, but preferred)
  • Authorization and Certification of Entrance or Re-Entrance into Rehabilitation and Certification of Status (28-1905 - Veterans can only obtain this form by contacting their VR&E Counselor.)
  • Joint Services Transcript (JST) - USA, USCG, USMC, and USN (required for compliance)
    Community College of the Air Force Transcript (CCAF)-USAF (required for compliance)
  • Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE)
  • DD-214 (Member 4)

For the most up-to-date information from the university on COVID-19 visit the USM Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response website.

Campus Action Referral and Evaluation System (CARES) (

USM CARES are a team of campus professionals who respond to reports of concern regarding the academic progress and well-being of students.


By using the portal (, you enable CARES to proactively respond to concerns about any disruption to a safe and productive living and learning community. We reach out to students quickly and make sure they connect with the resources useful in their situation.  We address issues including (but not limited to) situations of self-harm, family difficulties, stress management, mental health concerns, academic performance problems, addictions, Code of Conduct violations, Title IX issues, Clery Act related issues and/or issues of academic integrity (e.g. plagiarism).

View the Outside Resources that have been gathered for your consideration.


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