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School of Ocean Science and Engineering

Boat Usage Guidelines

The USM Division of Marine Science has vehicles and boats available for legitimate division functions including research and instruction. All vehicle and boat use must be paid for. If you are uncertain whether a particular use is legitimate or whether the division will pay for it rather than a grant, ask before reserving the vehicle/boat. After you reserve a boat, you will need to file a float plan when trip details are firm. 


  • Ford F-350 extended cab truck should only be used if absolutely necessary. This truck is our only vehicle capable of towing the Le Moyne and that use has first priority for the F-350. 
  • The mileage rate for trucks and van (for passenger transport as well as trailering of boats) is the same as the federal mileage reimbursement rate ($0.54/mile). A Fuelman card accompanies all vehicles for fuel purchases: make sure the gas station you stop at accepts Fuelman before filling up and log the receipt.

Fuelman Rules

  • Never fill up boats with Fuelman card!
  • Log fuel purchase in log book
  • Place receipt in book


The division has a forklift in Building 1029 for operations in and around that building. You must have been trained and authorized by the department in order to use the forklift.

Coastal Research Boats

  • “The Skiff” - A 21' Caroline Skiff with a 90 horsepower Suzuki motor with a 4 horsepower kicker motor. It has a 28 gallon fuel tank with a range of approximately 60 miles with an average 2.0 miles per gallon depending on sea conditions and speed. Vessel has all Coast Guard required safety equipment on board.
  • “GCGC Boat” - A 29' Wooldridge aluminum boat with a Yamaha 250 Four stroke engine. It has 150 gallon fuel tank, with a 150 mile range running at 1.5 miles per gallon depending on sea conditions, and a maximum speed of 30 knots. It also has a generator and cabin air condition. Comes equipped with dual sonar mounts and desk area in cabin. Vessel has all Coast Guard required safety equipment on board.
  • “Le Moyne” - A 29' Aluminum Chambered Boat (ACB) with twin 150 horsepower Suzuki motors. It has a 130 gallon fuel tank with a range of 130 miles with an average of 1.0 miles per gallon depending on sea conditions and speed. It has the ability to store extra fuel on deck which will extend the range. The ACB has a fast response hull configuration and is able reach speeds of 30 knots in good seas and designed to handle rougher conditions if needed. A 5kw generator is on board and able to produce substantial amount of 110v electrical power. Open deck area with a davit boom and electric wench available. Vessel instrumentation components include a C120 RayMarine chart plotter with radar. Vessel has all Coast Guard required safety equipment on board.

For boat and associated vehicle usage fees contact marine.scienceFREEMississippi.

For non-USM users, we currently require that we provide the boat driver and also passengers must sign a liability waiver.

For USM users, you MUST file a float plan before we will release a boat to you.  This directory also includes boat operations procedures and pre-cruise checklists. You may fuel DMS vehicles at the SSC service station and pay for the fuel using a USM Purchasing Card. This is the only location where PCards are authorized to pay for fuel.