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School of Ocean Science and Engineering

Seminar Series


Division of Marine Science Seminar Series The Marine Science program, based at our Stennis Space Center location, hosts a semi-weekly seminar during the Fall and Spring academic semesters (via Teams). These seminars are open to the public. 

Seminar Schedule:

When: (most) Fridays at 11am

Where: Via Teams

  • Friday, August 28
    Harpreet Kaur | USM - SOSE
    The Occurrence of Tidal Hybrid Kelvin Edge Waves in the Global Ocean                                       Johnson Oguntuase | USM - SOSE Design and Development of a Low-cost Low-power GNSS Buoy for Water Level Determination                                                                                                   


  • Friday, September 4 
    Arne Diercks | USM - SOSE
    Resuspension and redistribution of sediments in the deep Gulf of Mexico
  • Friday, September 18 
    Uta Passow | Memorial University
    The fate of the Deepwater Horizon Oil:  Transport and transformation processes
  •  Friday, September 25
    Jaime Palter | University of Rhode Island
    The Gulf Stream as a driver of northeast Atlantic variability


  • Friday, October 2 
    Hilary Close | University of Miami
    Microbial and metazoan pathways of organic matter degradation recorded in natural stable isotopes of marine particles
  • Friday, October 16
    Shaily Rahman | USM - SOSE
    Updates to the marine silica cycle with a focus on coastal processes
  • Friday, October 23
    Eric Chassignet | Florida State University
    High-resolution modeling of the North Atlantic
  • Friday, October 30 
    Sylvia Dee | Rice University
    On the reliability of the El NiƱo-Southern Oscillation over the last millennium


  • Friday, November 6
    Brian Arbic (U. Michigan), Madeline Foster Martinez (UNO), Ebenezer Nyadjro (MSU and NOAA), Senam Tsei (USM), and Stephan Howden (USM)
    Diversifying oceanography: The Coastal Ocean Environment Summer School in Ghana
  • Friday, November 20
    Sonya Legg | Princeton University
    Submesoscale instabilities in dense bottom currents