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School of Ocean Science and Engineering

Seminar Series


Division of Marine Science Seminar Series The Marine Science program hosts a semi-weekly seminar during the Fall and Spring academic semesters, based at our Stennis Space Center location. These seminars are open to the public. Visitors should contact marine.scienceFREEMississippi to request a visitor pass.

Seminar Schedule:

When: (most) Fridays at 11am

Where: Stennis Space Center, George Knauer Bldg (1022), Rm 101

  • Friday, January 24
    Carina Poulin | USM - Marine Science
    Phytoplankton optical properties and their diel variations
  • Friday, January 31 - Special time 9:00 am - 10:00 am
    Rich Delgado | USM - Unmanned Maritime Systems program
    The Center for Ocean Enterprise 
  • Friday, February 7 
    Dave Kadko | Florida International University
    Quantifying atmospheric trace element deposition on a global scale with satellite-derived rainfall data
  • Friday, March 6
    Kyle Straub | Tulane University
    Quantifying impediments for storage of environmental signals in marginal marine stratigraphy
  • Friday, March 27
    Kim Cobb | Georgia Institute of Technology
    Climate change resilience in the 21st century - lessons from the frontlines


  • Friday, April 3
    Lynne Talley | University of California, San Diego
    New research on the ocean's large-scale circulation


  • Friday, May 1
    Ebenezer Nyadjro | Mississippi State University/NGI
    Equatorial Indian Ocean Currents:  variability and impacts on salinity
  • Friday, May 8
    Justyna Hampel | USM - Coastal Sciences
    Hurricanes and blooms:  effects of multiple disturbances on nitrification and ammonia oxidizers in Lake Okeechobee and St. Lucia Estuary (FL)