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Parking and Transit Services is about more than just parking.  The department is here to manage, promote, and enhance campus safety and security through vehicle identification; encourage sustainable transportation options; facilitate campus access in a safe and orderly manner; and provide informative support services to university students, faculty, staff, community partners, and visitors.


The Department of Parking and Transit Services' mission is to provide leadership, direction and information to our community in areas pertaining to all parking and traffic flow on our campuses. We strive to provide high-quality, responsive support services and communicate in a courteous, cheerful and friendly manner to our faculty, staff, students and visitors.


Are there enough parking spaces on campus?

There are enough spaces on all campuses for the number of faculty, staff, students and visitors we have daily at Southern Miss.  With the heart of campus being more focused on pedestrian traffic, parking that is convenient to certain buildings is limited.

Do I need to have a permit if I park on campus?

Yes.  Vehicles parked anywhere on university owned and controlled properties require a valid parking permit 24 hours a day.

I only come to campus at night.  Do I need to register for a parking permit?

Yes.  Night students are required to register for a permit just as day students.

What are some ways to avoid getting parking citations?

Purchase your parking permit when you arrive on campus.  Always park in a legal parking space in your designated zone.  Finally, when in doubt, refer to your parking regulations, observe the parking zone signs around campus, or call the Parking and Transit Department.

Is my permit transferable to another car?

Yes.  You are allowed to have four vehicles registered to a virtual permit. However, only one vehicle is allowed to park on University property at any given time.

Does my virtual permit expire on any certain date? Yes

Annual permits are good for Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters in and academic year.  Semester permits expire at the end of the semester for which they were purchased.  Refer to the Campus Parking section for more specific dates.

What happens if I just park there for a minute, or a friend or teacher told me to park there?

If you are in doubt, contact the Parking and Transit Department for the answer.  A professor or friend may intend to be helpful, but they will not be responsible for your citation.  Even if you stay for a minute or two, your vehicle is still as illegally parked as if it had been there all day.

What can I do when a parent or friend comes to visit me on campus?

Visitors must obtain a visitor’s pass from the following locations: 

Hattiesburg Campus

To obtain a parking pass for your vehicle, visit the Information Booth on East Memorial Drive (front entrance of campus) or Parking and Transit Department in McLemore Hall, first floor. Visitors must show a valid driver's license to obtain a visitor’s pass.

Parking metered spaces require payment regardless of the type permit displayed (i.e. Faculty/Staff, Student, Vendor, or Visitor).

Gulf Park Campus

To obtain a parking pass for your vehicle, visit the Parking Management Office located at 138 Beach Park Place (behind Elizabeth Hall). Visitors must show a valid driver's license to obtain a visitor’s pass.

GCRL(Halstead Road and Cedar Point locations)

To obtain a parking pass for your vehicle, visit the Business and Financial Affairs office in the Oceanography Building (on Halstead Road). Visitors must show a valid driver's license to obtain a visitor’s pass.

How can I appeal a citation I don’t think I should have received?

Faculty, staff and students can request an appeal hearing.  You must file for a appeal within five calendar days of issuance of the citation. Any individual receiving a parking or traffic citation may log into the citations portal to request a hearing on the citation, complete a citation appeal form or make a payment online. 

Have the price of citation fines changed?

Please refer to your current parking regulations for fine structure as fines can change from year to year, or contact the Parking and Transit Department.  Up-to-date copies of the parking regulations are always available online.

Can students park at meters?

Yes, as long as the meter fee is paid.  Anyone can park in metered parking.  Meter parking is short-term parking for business use by faculty, staff, students and visitor.  Traditional meters only quarters are accepted - 25 cents per every 15 minutes.  Scan to pay signs are $2 per hour and must be paid via cellular device.

Why do you give citations at night when there is not a parking problem?

The guidelines for parking are in effect at all times to help maintain a safe and secure environment. Mandatory tow areas (service areas, fire lanes/hydrants, handicap parking, handicap curb cuts, purple heart, reserved parking- which includes spaces, lots and visitor parking, sidewalks/grounds , obstructing traffic and no parking/tow areas) are enforced 24 hours/7 days week. Violation of these areas can create an unsafe environment or impede accessibility, and will not be allowed. Citation and towing is an accepted method of discouraging illegal parking.

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